3rd Trimester

Weird red spots

I'm not really sure if these pictures are gonna work, just let me know if they don't and I'll figure out how to get people to see them.

But anyways, I started getting these really weird red spots on my legs and calves. It started out not so bad, but it progressively got worse and worse. And the last episode I had, they were horrible! Really bad looking! I just wanted to know if it happened to anyone else, or if anyone knew if it was normal.

This was the last episode:


Last episode, back of calf:


One of the first ones:


Anyone know anything??


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Re: Weird red spots

  • Sorry, it may just be my computer because it's always on the fritz, but I can't see the pictures. 
  • Last episode

    One of the first times.

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  • I can't see your pictures either. sorry
  • Me neither. :( Have you asked your OB about the spots?
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  • Ok, gonna try this again. If it doesn't work then I give up!


    I haven't asked my doctor yet because everytime I go, they're not there. So it's hard to explain it to him, and I'd rather him see it in person. Which is why I finally broke down and took a picture.

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  • Holy mother of God.  GO TO THE DOCTOR.  I was expecting (and I think many others were as well) a few little red dots like razor burn or something.  THAT is not normal and needs to be looked at.  That is some sort of reaction or infection or something!



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  • It's odd because they aren't raised and they don't itch. Hell, I don't even notice that they're there until I take my pants off! That was the last episode I had, and it was definitely the worse. It started off not so bad, but it progressively got worse.
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  • Looks like PUPPS. Happens in pregnancy.


    Just a guess, though. 

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  • Looks like PUPPS.  I had them, except they were on my feet, inbetween my toes and then spread to my hands and inbetween my fingers.  Hang in there!  Chalomine lotion worked for me because mine were little water filled blisters (groos I know).  Don't worry, any itchiness and redness will go away after about 4-5 weeks.  I'm so sorry you have to endure this, but trust me I know how it is!  Make sure you talk to your doctor about it and show him the pictures, because if it's no PUPPS it could be something else.

    Take care and good luck!

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