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question about delivering early if your mom did with you

My mom was 5 wks early with both my brother and I.. does this make the chances of this happening to me even greater now?

Re: question about delivering early if your mom did with you

  • My mom was 2 weeks late with me and I was 2 weeks early with DS.  You won't necessarily go early just because your mom did.
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  • My mom delivered me 2 months early and then delivered all my siblings after me early too even on bedrest (I was the first and her water broke prematurely).

    So my OB knew to keep a good eye on me with my first pregnancy.  Good thing we were monitoring me because I had preterm labor and an incompetent cervix.  I was on bedrest for 17 weeks, had multiple hospital admissions for labor and was on lots of drugs to stop contractions.

    I delivered my son at almost 38 weeks after all that as soon as the bedrest was lifted and I stopped my meds.

    So though it's a possibility that you could deliver early it's not a guarantee.  Just mention it to your OB and listen closely to your body.  I had cramping and extreme pressure at 20 weeks and that's when we discovered the IC.

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  • thanks so much for your replies! was just curoius about any info out there.
  • I wouldn't think so, a lot of things can factor into delivering early.  It's also good to remember that u/s were not very common back in the day so due dates probably weren't as accurate as they are now.  My Mom never had a single u/s with my sister and I.
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  • my mom had my sister and I at 36/37 weeks.

    My DD was born at 40 weeks. 


    I don't think there is anything to worry about, don't stress especially since it isn't something you can control.

     Eat well and stay in shape  and everything should go well

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  • Although our pregnancies were similar...little MS, easy 9 months, I was born 11 days late and my DS was born 7 days early. So no. Plus it sounds as if there was miscalculation on you moms part...years ago the tracking your ovulation was rare or unheard of. My milNever had a sonogram with DH.
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  • I think it would depend a lot on what the cause of your mother's preterm labor was and if it's something that could be passed down. 

    My mom was late with all her babies - three weeks late with me - and all of mine (5) have had to be induced.  I'm really hoping to stick it out this time and go into labor naturally.  Hopefully that won't be at 43 weeks!

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  • This is just my experience, but my mom had me a month premature, and I weighed 4lb 15oz & 18in. I started having preterm labor 2 months early (31 weeks), but was thankfully able to hold off on delivering her at 36 weeks. She was 4lb 10oz & 18in. So, DD and I were both born a month early, and were pretty close to being the same size. DD was diagnosed as having IUGR, so maybe I had it too and it's genetic? I seriously have no idea. It could also just be a coincidence! I did a lot of research on it last year, but I can't remember any of it now Embarrassed

    Anyway, I just thought I would chime in with my experience. Everyone is different and so is every pregnancy. If you are really concerned about it, just ask your doctor Smile

  • I have the same question, as my mom delivered me 2 months early. My friends doctor said that it would put me at risk or preterm delivery, but my doctor said that it makes no difference. I have no idea what the right answer is, but I am asking my doctor to keep it in mind, just in case I complain about something weird happening down the road.
  • I would mention it to your OB and see what he/she says.  I think you'll find that people's experiences are all over the board.  My mom was 2 weeks late with me and my sister, then right around her due date for my other sister and 3 brothers.  All of her pregnancies were normal.  On the other hand, I had 1st-tri bleeding and DD was 6 weeks early due to pre-e. 
  • My mom went into labor with me 6 weeks early but with medication was able to hold out 4 weeks later and delivered me 2 weeks early. I had an emergency c/s with DS 7 days before my EDD, but was barely dilated and was not in labor at all.
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