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thrush mammas(long)

Okay, so, here's the rundown...

My boob is KILLING me. I have been to my dr. whom I normally love but she's a little(okay, a lot) on the crunchy side. So, I have spent about $200 getting herbs, acupuncture, more herbs, etc... which, normally I am fine with however, I am still in a lot of freaking pain. Like, my boob kept me up for 3 hours last night. It's just throbing and burning and it's deep into the boob(does that make sense).

I am pretty confident that it's thrush. My dr. didn't think so because I had no outwardly symptoms and neither does my ds. I am wondering if I should call back my dr. and tell her I think it's thrush and see what she says. She will probably want to go the genetian route which,honestly, I just want some drugs...really, really good drugs. And, she would probably give them to me but I am afraid that she won't give me ones that are strong enough to nip this thing in the bud. She is just a general dr so she doesn't see this too often.

I guess my question is, what would you do? Who do you see for thrush(your primary care or ob). What route did you take to treat it and was your thrush severe(like deep in the breast tissue and causing long bouts of pain)?

If you made it through that, thanks! 

Re: thrush mammas(long)

  • Prob wouldn't hurt to call, but I'm on my second round of this crap and the prescription drugs took awhile to kick in the first time. I tried the GV for 1 day (supposed to use for 3), but the baby looked like a clown with his purple face and I was too embarrassed to leave the house. So I stopped. But everything I read says you should feel better after 1 day if it is thrush. Lotrimin finally helped me, but I know Mrs.wildman had luck with grapefruit seed extract. GL, thrush blows. Big time.
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  • Also, GV is cheap, like $6-7. Not sure if you can find it locally there but no one has it where I live so I ordered from amazon.
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  • Dude, call your OB.  Tonight.  They'll prescribe something.  I'm sorry you're dealing with this.  Its horrible!
  • I'm with PP that you should call your OB.  Both my boys had thrush and my boobs never hurt - but it was very obvious (on their tongues) that they had it.  So sorry you're hurting!
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