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WAHMs, a question.

This is really far in advanced, but I knew from lurking there were a lot of WAHMs here.

How did you approach the subject? What kind of arrangement do you have? Do you have to go in at all? Also, who watches LO while you work? 

Re: WAHMs, a question.

  • I was on mat leave and knew I didn't want to go back. But I also knew people were going out around that time, so I offered to come in for a month to help them out. My boss was so grateful, he said he'd use me for freelance projects.

    My arrangement is that they contact me and ask if I'm available, and I say yes or no. I don't take on more than 20 hours/week.

    I don't go in at all, especially now that we've moved to another state.

    I work when DD naps or after she's asleep at night, or when DH can watch her. Hence my 20 hour/week max limit.

  • My boss asked me while I was pregnant and I said I wanted to work part time.  I thought I would have to go into the office.  I said 2 whole days in the office, one half day from home, but my boss said he would rather have me work everyday from home.  Works for me.  I work from 7am-11am weekdays and then sometimes at night or during second nap if it is super busy.  My job is mostly over email and in our computer system, so it is no big deal where I am.  It helps that I start early because we work with a lot of European companies, so I have time zones on my side.


  • I WAH full time, and have been for about 7 years, so long before DD was born. At first, I did onsite support with customers. Up until my 3rd trimester with DD, I traveled heavily but WAH when I wasn't on the road. There was no "approaching" it; that was the expectation for people in that job.

    Right when I found out I was pregnant with DD, I was considering another job, which would have been 100% office based (no travel). So I laid it out to my boss and said I was leaning towards taking the no-travel job because I didn't want to be traveling with a young baby at home. He totally understood, and offered to work things so that I'd only do onsite work with local customers. So once I was back from maternity leave, that's what I did.

    About six months after coming back from leave, I got the opportunity to apply for a different job. Technically, it was based out of my company's Seattle office, but the guy who encouraged me to apply (and who ended up becoming my manager) lived in Austin and just traveled up to Seattle as needed. Had I been living in Seattle, I would have been expected to go into the office, but since I wasn't in Seattle, and the precedent had been set by the Austin guy, I was allowed to stay where I was, and WAH pretty much full-time.

    I'm still in that job now. I usually travel a few days a month for team meetings, training, etc., and I WAH the rest of the time.

    As for child care, I've always had full-time child care, mostly outside the home. Currently, DD goes to preschool and DS goes to a sitter/nanny.

    Mommy to DD1 (June 2007), DS (January 2010), DD2 (July 2012), and The Next One (EDD 3/31/2015)

  • My SIL works from home 4 of 5 days she works. The kids go to a dayhome on the days both mom and dad work (wed/thurs/fri). She had a boss that loved her and works in a city with ridiculous commutes.

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