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Engorgement/Oversupply Issues

Has anyone had and successfully gotten these issues under control?  My son is 2 weeks old and since my milk came in this is what I have been dealing with.  I have been feeding him from one breast each feeding bc he seems to be satisfied and then pumping the other right after.   I was told this would eventually help my supply equalize.  However, I continue to get engorged and leak all the time.  Not to mention the fact that so much milk comes out when LO feeds, it sometimes sounds like he's choking....any insight anyone could provide would be appreciated!





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Re: Engorgement/Oversupply Issues

  • Stop pumping the other side after he finishes unless you're trying to build a freezer stash.  You are tricking your body into believing that your baby is drinking all that milk he consumes along with what you pump.  Your body will figure it out soon.  In the mean time, try pumping the other side for a few seconds just to take the pressure down.  Oh and get those hot/cold compresses for your boobs.  They're awesome!  I have the nuk brand.
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  • It takes awhile for your supply to be established. Unfortunately, I was wearing pads and dealing with leaking until about 10-12 weeks pp. It will regulate- just might take a bit longer than you'd hope :)

    You might consider slowing down/weaning off  the pumping. It's supply and demand, so as long as you are taking it out, your body will make more.

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