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Still looking for a good daycare in Cranston, Warwick area


I've been looking for a good affordable daycare in the Cranston area. Has anyone had any experience with Learning Brook ? Does anyone know of one that they would recommend? I would also  *possibly * consider a home day care provider. The only one that was recommended so far no longer is doing day care. The search goes on!

Thanks in advance !

PS Has anyone had any experience with Dr. Bonner or Leconte in  Cranston?

Re: Still looking for a good daycare in Cranston, Warwick area

  • Hello!  When I was pregnant with my son four years ago, we went on a tour at Learning Brook.  We decided right away that they were not the right fit for us.  For one, they were pretty expensive compared to other centers we had looked at (around $50/week more).  They also would not allow us to pull our son from the daycare during the summer and still reserve a spot in the fall unless we paid the regular rate in the summer (my husband is a teacher, so he would stay home with the kids in the summer rather than paying $$ for daycare).  And, lastly, when we toured the facility we didn't see much diversity there.  I also got kind of a snotty vibe, and it just wasn't really for us.  They told us we'd be on a waiting list for admission and it was too up in the air for us too!

    We sent our son to Tender Hearts on Jefferson Blvd in Warwick for 18 months.  We were pretty happy there.  The teachers are very nice.  We haven't had the need for daycare in a while because my husband was laid off and is still looking for work.

    Good luck in your daycare search!

  • We signed our daughter up for Tender Hearts on Jefferson Boulevard too. I visited 8+ daycare centers before settling on this one. Our little one isn't born yet, but I think we'll be very happy there.
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  • Thank you both! I haven't heard of that one yet. I'll definitely look into it.  I've been looking everywhere too and I am not due till December.
  • Hi!  My 4 year old is now attending First Years Learning Center and he and I love it there.  They take infants up to Pre-K.  I had my son in home day care until he was 3 and felt he needed more educational development which is why I switched.  I'm paying more money but it's all worth seeing him develop into a smart young man. :)

    Dr. LeConte is my son's pediatrician.  She has a team of Doc's and nurses who I feel are very professional, nurturing and informative.  I recommend that practice.

    Good luck!

  • I've looked at quite a few in the Warwick/Cranston area and we settled on Tender Hearts, Warwick.  I felt the most comfortable there.  I'm not due until Thanksgiving, but enrolled for a end of Feb. start date.  Precious Angels on Jefferson behind Bugaboo Creek is pretty good too.  Learning Brook was just outrageously expensive.  Good [email protected]
  • Thank you for the recommendations!  I am looking into Dr. Leconte/ Bonner and had planned to look at First Years too.  I am also considering home day care can you recommend one of those?
  • Coming in late here but I waited to tell you that my son has been at tender hearts for over a year. We couldn't be happier. Ds loves it!
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