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How I taught DD to use a sippy in 1 easy step

DD has been messing around with sippy cups for a few months... mostly she chews on the handles and dumps the water on the carpet. No big deal.

Today I put all of her bottles in the dishwasher right before it was time for one (oops). I put her formula in a sippy. Sat down with her and told her that her bottles were in the washer and she would either have to use a sippy or wait. (Yes, I have direct conversations with her and pretend she understands). She sat on my lap and downed the whole thing like a pro. I guess she just had no interest in water, but since it was formula she wanted it?

So now my question is, is it okay to give her formula in a sippy? I mean today I didn't really have a choice because I didn't realize that ALL of her bottles were in the washer at the same time... but I've always just given her water in them..

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Re: How I taught DD to use a sippy in 1 easy step

  • I don't see why not! As long as she's taking in the same amount, I say go for it. If I wasn't lazy I'd pump and put BM in a sippy for DS occasionally. 
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  • I think that's awesome! If my DD would've taken formula in a sippy, I would've given it to her but she never did.

    I haven't tried with DS, but this story is making me want to attempt it.

    Question: did you hold the sippy or did she? If she held the sippy, can she also hold her bottle? DS can't hold his own bottle.

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  • Go for it, i say! DS refused to take a bottle from the get go but when he was about five months I introduced the sippy cups so I could, you know, leave him for more than an hour and he'll guzzle pumped milk from them.
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  • Ronan takes all his daytime formula in sippies, we only use bottles for bed time/ night waking purposes because he won't take a sippy then for some reason. The only thing my pedi had to say about it was that she was jealous because she couldn't get her son to take to any cup until he was almost 2.
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