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Milk Allergy

Would it be completely obvious if LO had a food allergy/sensitivity? There are a few things that make me think DS might have a slight sensitivity to something, but nothing major. I plan to talk to the pedi about this at his 2 month appointment this week, but just curious what others have experienced. 

Potential symptoms: 

Rash - originally thought it was baby acne, but it comes and goes

Overly gassy

Mucousy stools, I think?

Stool has small amount of small red flecks, they don't look like blood to me, but I don't know

Fussy at the breast only sometimes

What do you think? Normal baby stuff or something else?? TIA!


Re: Milk Allergy

  • Sounds like normal baby stuff to me but if you want to test it out, stop ingesting dairy products for a while and see if the other symptoms clear up.
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  • We had green mucosy stools with definite though sm amounts of blood and I was told to stop dairy

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