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Camping out in the waiting room

I'm so sick of waiting at the doctor's office!! I just got back from a 2 hour appointment that should have taken 45 minutes, tops. The whole time I'm there I'm thinking about how much work I'm missing and people not being able to reach me while I move from room to room waiting for a 15 minute ultrasound and a doctor to see me for less than 10 minutes. And poor DH is trying to be there for all my ultrasounds so he missed even more than me just to get there. By the end of it I'm just really pissed off and annoyed at thier practice, even though I know deep down they're probably doing their best to get their patients in and out. B!tch fit that I'm back at work I guess I should actually do some work.

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Re: Camping out in the waiting room

  • I know it's frustrating, but unfortunately it's going to get worse (or it did in my case).  In the weeks before the kiddos came we were there essentually every other day and we were making the appointments only a few days before so we couldn't get the quicker morning slots.  I've noticed that the good doctor's often have the longest waits!


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  • That sucks! How far away from the office are you? I worked it out with my GP and my chiropractor (who are both ALWAYS late) that I call about 15 minutes before my appointment to find out when I should acutally show up. Works for us.
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    That sucks! How far away from the office are you? I worked it out with my GP and my chiropractor (who are both ALWAYS late) that I call about 15 minutes before my appointment to find out when I should acutally show up. Works for us.


    Thats awesome that they'll do that!! Mine just overbook I think and you just have to wait it out, but what really gets me is all the different waiting rooms. They call you back, only to make you sit in another waiting room. I'm lucky that its only 10 minutes away from my office, but 2 hours is a long time to be away from work in the middle of the morning.

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  • I get really frustrated with mine too, even for early morning appts I end up waiting in the waiting room, then get called back for pee test, wait more for BP and weight, wait for the Dr then wait to make another appt.
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  • 45 minutes? that would be a dream for me.

    My doctor makes you wait at least 1.5 hours for your appointment.  The secretaries are good, they send you to do your bloodwork while you are waiting so your time there isnt even longer. 

    I know it isnt anyone;s fault. First, he sees a lot of women because he is a high risk doctor.  Second, people have emergencies that get called in the day before/that morning and have to be fit in.  I would want to be fit in if it was me.  Most appointments are only made 2 weeks before and cant be delayed. 

    Also, sometimes they get delayed at the hospital delivering a baby or checking on a Mom.  

    I wait. It sucks because I can never get comfortable in their chairs, but I deal. 

  • I have all of my appointments for my Ob and Peri scheduled from here to the end. (Along with the pediatric surgeon and pediatric cardiologist and neonatologist and endocrinologist).  All of my appointments are the last one of the day. If I leave work after 1:30, I don't get docked time so I made late appointments.

    I also have several stacked appointments. Next Wednesday, I have one at 1:00 for NST; 1:30 for OB; 2:30 for pediatric surgeon; 3:00 for peri.  I only have to take half a day off for those. 


    Thank GOD for my planner/calendar!


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  • How annoying! The only time I really ever wait longer than 5 minutes past my appointment is Fridays at my OB. They only work until noon and I swear they are always busy. The schedualing lady doesn't schedual me then, infact she told me it IS their worst day to stay on-time because people always 'need' to see the doctor before they close up for the weekend.

    I've had to wait 2 times both on a friday and once she was delivering a baby...couldn't fault her for that. Otherwise they are on time or early! I really like that. I mentioned it once and the doctor said "Oh, I hate waiting when I have appointments for things, it is rude to keep people waiting"  She is seriously one of the nicest and most considerate people. I just love her!

    On the flip side, my High risk doctors office is ALWAYS behind. Drives me crazy!

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