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Floor length curtains in nursery?

Do you think having curtains to the floor are safe in a baby's nursery? I need to get a window covering to layer over our cell shades to darken the babies' room. The three windows would be expensive to add a roller shade or something to, and I want something to add color to that wall. Thanks!

Re: Floor length curtains in nursery?

  • Right now DS is only in his room for sleeping and diaper and clothing changes. He has floor length black out curtains.  If he should ever become interested in them, I figure I can always hem them shorter.   So, I think it's safe.  (Got ours at target for 9.99 ea, btw) 

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  • I am planning on having floor-length curtains as well. 

    Like PP, if it becomes a problem I'll hem or get hooks to fold them up higher when LO is on the floor.  

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  • I'd hang them with curtain clips.  Make sure if you tug on them that it pulls the curtain down - not the rods.  You can also fold them shorter at the top in a pinch that way, too.
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  • We have them, and DD has never tried to pull them down or play in them. However, we installed them on ring clips just to be safe.

    If she tugs on them hard enough, they will come unclipped rather than pull the whole curtain rod down on her.


  • We have blackout floor length curtains in my son's nursery. I used the clip style curtain rings so if (when) it gets pulled down (happened twice) it just pulls the curtain out of the clip rather than the entire rod and wall. :) I'm pleased with how they hold up so I'll put them in the next nursery we're doing.
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