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I've been declared a "normal pregnant woman"

I had my final u/s and consultation with the geneticist this morning.  DS's mild ventriculomegaly is gone.  His measurements were great, I've been released from the specialist's care, and have been given the green light to deliver at the hospital I originally wanted, instead of the women's hospital in Pittsburgh.  The final doctor I met with this morning actually used the words "normal pregnant woman" which is a very good thing.  Another happy note - DS is no longer breech!  He is head down and I hope he stays that way.

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Re: I've been declared a "normal pregnant woman"

  • Great news. Congratulations.
  • That's great news!  Stay head down baby!!

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  • Great news!
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  • So glad to hear you've been declared normal!
  • Awesome news!  I am originally from Pittsburgh and they have the best hospitals (and footballl teams!).  Big Smile

    Glad that you won't have to make the trek to the city though.  GL!!

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