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Need recs in the Alpharetta/Milton/Crabapple area

We just moved this past weekend and I need recs for lots of things: gymnastics, soccer, and ballet.  Hailey is interested in all of them, but we will probably pick 1 or 2.  I looked at the city of Alpharetta programs, but it looks like most don't start until 4 and she is 3.5.  Would love any recs. Thanks!
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Re: Need recs in the Alpharetta/Milton/Crabapple area

  • Hi neighbor!!  I live in Crabapple in the City of Milton.

    I haven't had much luck with this.  I know the YMCA (Old Milton) has programs in that area that are geared towards younger children.  We are not member there, so i haven't looked into it.  Ava has been begging to play soccer, but she won't be 4 until November and not eligible in most programs.

    The City of Milton Parks and Rec dept. is still very limited.  last time I checked, there really wasn't much for either Carter (age 5) or Ava (age 3.5).

    I've had the most luck with the City of Roswell for soccer.  Organized practice/games starts at 4-years, BUT they just started a new program for younger kids (ages 2-3) to teach them the fundamnetals.  You don't play games, I don't think, it's just a soccer class.  And I'm pretty sure that Roswell or Alpharetta parks department has gymnastics for that age as well.  

    I know nothing about Ballet, but i know the dayacre that we use has a ballet class for ages 3+.  I'll see who it is, b/c maybe there is a class for children at the studio as well.  There is a dance studio in the Silos shopping plaza at Crabapple/Houze intersection.  Maybe they have classes there?  

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  • I signed Oliver up for Kiddie Kickers soccer for 2 & 3 year olds through Roswell:


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  • Oh I need to get this info too.....looks like we will be buidling in Milton! :)
  • yes really hard to find things until they are 4 up here.  I did join the YMCA and they do have a lot of programs for their age but I can't enter them in anything until we get some $$ flowing in this house.
  • We did soccer for Danielle at Alpharetta YMCA (3-4 years old meet only 5 saturdays, you practice and have a game the same day) and at i9sports 

     We did Gymnastics through Alpharetta Parks & Rec from 2.5 years old - 4.5 years old LOVE the program.  They have 2 years old there too, not sure why it seemed like they didn't do that young.  I had to do 2.5 because I needed a saturday class.  gymnastics is page 12 and 13, ballet (although we haven't taken from there) is page 10 and 11.

    We did Ballet mostly through day care program that i LOVED.  Then we did for about 3 months, I didn't love it or hate it, but it was at 5:30...too long of a day for us.  Now we are at for mini hip hop. so far i've liked them.

     hope that helps!


  • We do dance at Off Broadway Dance near the Silos.

    Cammie started at age 3. HTH's!

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  • There is a FANTASTIC place called Play! In crabapple, at the corner of Crabapple and Crossville Rd. We drive 30min. from intown sometimes just to go there! It's a giant baby gym but so much more, they have storytime, art, drop in care, a parent area, two gyms and a learning center. It's very clean, never crowded and much safer and nicer then places like Monkey Joes. I wish they had one intown. A day pass is 7 and a months pass is 35 which is a total bargain.
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