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What an eventful vacation.  We landed in Boston, turned on our phones to a huge round of Are you OK texts.  Till DH got his blackberry on, we thought there had been some sort of terrorist activity, we never suspected an earthquake (we were flying over NY when it happened).  And then Irene.  When we left it wasn't even slated to hit DC, some very kind friends and neighbors hurricane proofed our yard.  Since Jetblue moved all of their planes off the East Coast, we got to stay an extra 2 days.  Lucky I had packed extra outfits and clean underwear....

For those of you contemplating taking a crawling baby and a toddler on vacation and think it will be a relaxing, rejuvenating, lovely experience - my advice, stay home, take the kids to daycare and do day trips with your DH.  It was great seeing family, but it took the 2.5 year old 2 full tear and tantrum filled days to adjust to being away - every day we disrupted someone naps schedule since my nephew napped from 9-10:30, DS naps from 10:30-11:30, DD naps from 1-3, nephew naps from 2-4, DS naps from 4-6.  That said, both kids loved the beach and I loved catching up with my cousins and my brothers and SILs.  Will I do it again, probably, I'm an optimist, but do I need a few days to recover, ohmigosh yes.     

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  • You are brave!  Glad you're back safely.
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  • Glad you're back safely and relatively unscathed! Way to go!
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  • welcome back! take a day off work and have a "me" day!


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