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Baby Blossom store in Fairfax; where to register

Has anyone been to the Baby Blossom store in Fairfax?  I'm really struggling with where to register and wondering if this would be a good option.  Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby are overwhelming to me, I generally prefer a smaller store, but don't enough yet about what I need to know if Baby Blossom will have enough.  Also, if I'm having a shower out of the area (NJ), do I need to register somewhere that people can actually go to? 
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Re: Baby Blossom store in Fairfax; where to register

  • I love Baby Blossom for their terrific, personal customer service and their higher end baby items.  I'm not sure it's the best place to get all the basics for baby though.  It may be worth registering there if you think people are going to spring for more expensive items, like strollers, car seats, bedding, etc for your shower.  Baby Blossom's selection of those items is far superior than the alternative stores in the area.  I do think you might want to consider registering at BBB or BBRU for some of the more basic things, like onesies, bottles, breast pump, etc.  I don't think Baby Blossom will have everything you need.  And  agree, registering is very overwhelming.  I actually registered at BBRU online and updated it here and there with things I thought of that we needed after doing research.  I never did the whole registry thing at the store.  I ended up getting a bunch of gift cards for BBRU which I used after DD was born and knew more about the little things I needed (pacifiers, diapers, wipes, desitin, breast pads, etc)

    The problem with Baby Blossom is that there is only one location in a not-so-convenient place, and they are not open on Sunday.  I personally prefer shopping for baby gifts at brick and mortar stores, and you really limit options for people when they can't go shop on Sunday.

  • Ditto to pp on Baby Blossom's excellent customer service! I purchased my high end strollers there and loved the fact that I had a sales rep who knew what they were talking about rather than a 17 year old kid. I was able to take my strollers outside for walks, make sure it would fit in my car, and they even had weighted babies to use so you get a feel for the true pushing resistance with kid in tow. I wish I had known about them earlier b/c I would have given them more of my business.

    I would also reco registering elsewhere to get the basics as Baby Blossom doesn't carry much in that way.

  • If you choose BBB and don't want to be completely overwhelmed, call and see if you can schedule a time to go and register.  Let them know that you are feeling blown away by all the choices and yjay

     My mom, DH, and I had an amazing experience at the one in Springfield.  It started with bottled water and then we were literally handed off to each of the area managers.  Each one took some time to explain high end, low end, absolute necessaries, and for the mommy who wants it all.  It took about two hours, but I learned more about car seats, breast pumps, and feeding supplies than I probably would left to my own devices.

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