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Underwear - hand me downs

DD is growing out of some of her first underwear we bought her.  I planned on tossing them but then I noticed a few that look like they weren't worn (which is entirely possible since in a mixed pack of designs, DD would always choose the 'cuter' ones to wear).  Would you do hand me downs to a younger sibling?

I have a feeling that we will be buying character type underwear for DD#2 when the time comes, like her favorite character, as an incentive for potty training.  I would definitely toss any that look worn, but would you pass down any that look new? 

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  • To a sibling, absolutely.  But we also used cloth diapers and I plan on reusing those if we have another child. 
  • Yes, to a sibling, I wouldn't think twice about it (I only have one kiddo, but still).  As a general hand-me-down, no...I'd throw them away.
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  • My DD wears her older brothers old undies, they are actually her favorites.  So yes.
  • I won't just because I wouldn't want to wear hand-me-down underwear, so I'm not going to make DS2 wear them. No, he'd never know, but we can afford it, so I will buy it. The rest of his wardrobe will be hand-me-downs until he fights me on it.
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  • Absolutely not.  I would never wear hand-me-down underwear, so there is no way I would let my child wear them.  I know some people think it's ok, but the thought is disgusting to me (just being honest).
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  • All of DD's underwear were from my niece. I haven't had to buy a pair yet and she's been PT over a year. lol 

    From a stranger, I would not accept them. But this didn't bother me.

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  • I have saved some from DD#1 for #2. I have some of the padded ones for the beginning stages and then some small I'll use at the beginning for when you know accidents are imminent and will end up being thrown out. After she out grows this set though (the first set were tiny as shes been PT since 22 months) I probably wont keep them because by the time DD#2 is in this size she'll be old enough to really have a say and pick out her own.
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  • For a sibling, yes. I would think of it like cloth diapers, which everyone always re-uses for siblings. At some point of course it becomes gross (when they're older), but when they're hardly more than babies it doesn't seem gross to me, as long as the underwear looks fine.
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  • Welllllll..... since mine are in the same size they actually don't even HAVE their own underwear.  They share all of it.  Not even hand me down style.

    I think if you post on the multiples board you're not likely to find many who label their kids skivies to make sure they never wear their siblings.

    It's washed and clean.

    I don't get what the big deal is.


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  • I have no problem with hand-me-down underwear. My younger daughter wears hand-me-down bathing suits from her sister, so I don't see the difference. If there's poop stains they go in the trash, outgrown or not. Otherwise I don't have a problem with washing them and handing them down like any other clothing.
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  • I'll go through the undies like I go through everything else -- clothes, socks, etc. The stuff that is unstained and holding up well gets kept and passed on to DD2, with new stuff bought as needed. 

    I've thrown oout all DD1's cheap character undies, but that's more of a quality thing. She loved YGG at the time, and I bought a bunch of YGG undies for motivation -- but the elastic isn't covered very well and it would leave marks. I'll keep the Gap/ON ones that we've purchased, because they're much better made. 

    If my experience with a younger sister is any indication, at some point after diapers when you're close in age/size, all the undies get mixed up anyway.  


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  • Sure I would. We used cloth diapers and also gave those to my SIL for their baby. Honestly, if I had to throw out all the clothes he somehow got pee or poop on as a baby or when potty training, there wouldn't be anything to hand down. Our washer has a sanatize feature so I just wash them using that mode. Oh....and I forgot that my BFF gave us somoe of her son's hand me down underwear and ds wears those. To me, they are no different than any other clothing item.
  • My sister gave me some undies that I used with my girls when they were first potty training but once we had that down, we bought them each all new undies.  I didn't see the point in buying brand new undies before they were trained as I tossed a lot of the gorss pooped on ones.  As far as passing them down, my girls are so close in size, I don't think its going to be an option.
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  • i'm all for hand me down underwear between siblings. 

    I wouldn't give them to friends... and wouldn't use underwear given to me by friends... even though it's pretty much the same - it just seems weird :)

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