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What is dad responsible for?

I'll confirm with my lawyer, but generally speaking, what is the father responsible for if I have full custody of the child (i.e. what percentage child support, daycare fee, health insurance for the baby, anything else)?  Thanks in advance!
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Re: What is dad responsible for?

  • It's based on income.

    He's responsible for 66% of his basic expenses. I'm responsible for 34%. 

    He doesn't have a health insurance obligation unless he receives Medical Assistance (which we do not qualify for) so I put my foot down and said "if ds is going to be on my work insurance you're paying half the premium." 

    He has been good about paying his half each month but he's starting to pay me later and later for it each month or giving me the excuse "oh I asked the ATM to give me this $X but it didn't give me all of the money I asked it too, so I'll have to give you the rest another time." *eyeroll* 

    I get an amount that pays the entire daycare costs for the month, and that's it, so I have to pay for everything else....he doesn't understand how much it takes to raise a kid.  

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  • As pp said, it's based on income (in my state at least).  XH is responsible for 40% of basic expenses (because he WAS making about 40% of the total of our incomes together) and 40% of unreimbursed medical expenses I incur for B over $250 per year.  I carry all insurance as he's "self employed" and doesn't have any.

    However, the state's 40% of "basic expenses" is hardly 40% of LO's costs.  Not even close. 40% of daycare each month would be far and away more than the calcualted amount, and that doesn't take into consideration food, diapers, housing, etc.

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  • Even though you have "full custody", does the father have any parenting time? Like PP's said, it's based on income. In my state, the number of overnight visits the non-custodial parents has is also a factor into how CS is calculated.



  • Nope, no custody time. He doesn't want anything to do with the child at this time. He was the sole provider in our marriage and my income was supplemental. I'm in California, by the way.

     We'll see what happens and how this pans out. 

     Thanks for the info!

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