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God and 3 year olds???

My 3.5 year old has been asking a lot of 'God' questions lately.  Tonight he pulled down the globe and wanted me to point out where God lived.


Anyone else getting lots of God questions at this age? 

Re: God and 3 year olds???

  • I'm actually surprised that I don't get more than I do since I get 11 million questions (typically all Why? Or How?) about everything else.
  • DS1 goes to Catholic school (as will all our children) and last year was his first year. He asked a lot of questions then, about what he learned in class.  Now, he's in his second year of going and it's more of him TELLING us about God. : )
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  • I just keep it light at this age.  Where does God live? and I point up to the air.  I think at this point bloody details will only lead to more questions.
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  • I am very surprised I haven't gotten any questions yet.  DD has been going to church every Sunday since the day she was born, and she just started preschool at a Christian academy.  I am sure these questions are coming soon, now that she is learning more about God and memorizing scriptures.
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  • The twins go to an Episcopal preschool so they talk about God a lot.  The questions I get recently are, "Mom, did God make the trees?  Did he make that building over there?"

    We've also talked about heaven because we've had a couple of deaths recently.  They know about heaven but ask when those who have gone to heaven are coming back.  =(


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  • We don't go to church, but DS has been asking where my dad is.  I told him that God is a superhero and before he was born God needed help and asked my daddy to come and help him.  He lives in a place called heaven which is above the clouds.  Some day God might need some more help and ask someone else to go up there.  My daddy and God can see you and loves you very much. 

     Telling him he was a superhero put it on DS's level and i don't think that comparison is too far off. 

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  • Griffin started the God questions at that age - and they keep coming.

    Just the other day he asked "why doesn't God talk back to me when I'm praying? Can God talk?" and i said "I don't know".

    He said "oh- i know... God SIGNS" :)  It made me smile... he was thinking sign language, but of course i was thinking about God giving us signs - either way it's sweet :)


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