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What does baby wear to bed??

I know this may sound silly but Im due on 10/10 the weather is normally around 66 for the high. I plan on using the miracle blanket and swaddlemes...what would i put on underneath my L/O ? A onesie and his footed PJ?
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Re: What does baby wear to bed??

  • We did  PJ's under the miracle blanket. I read somewhere that the optimal temp for an infant is between 69 and 72* so it didn't really matter what time of the year it was. I guess we still do warmer PJ's in the winter and cooler in the summer though.


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  • I do a onesie + sleepsack in the summer and footed PJs + sleepsack in the winter. Keep your home at an appropriate temperature and your baby will be fine. You won't want to go through 3 layers of clothing to change diapers at night, trust me. 
  • Right now our AC is set to 72 and he sleeps in a swaddle me by Summer with only a diaper on underneath it.  He seems quite comfortable and it makes for easy diaper changes.

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  • I did a onesie under the swaddle mes.  I know there is an increase risk of SIDS if baby gets overheated so I probably underdressed her for the first 2 months.  She refused the swaddle after that.   Then I moved to light cotton sleep sacks with long sleeved onesies for another 3 months and now we are in zipper sleepers with a light blanket (she can move it off of her).  Stock up on zipper sleepers.  I seriously do not understand why they make the snap ones.  Nothing like having no sleep and trying to get those darn snaps to match up. 
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  • DS was born nov 10; for the first 5m or so we used fleece footed pjs and a sleep sack; after that just the fleece pj for a little over a month

    light cotton pj in late spring-early summer and just an onesie during the summer (we turn his a/c on but only to keep the room cool, not cold)

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  • a sleeper, mittens and swaddle blanket or miracle blanket
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  • With my newborns (in the winter), I did long sleeve footy pj's underneath a swaddle me or sleep sack.  In the summer, when they are older and out of the swaddle, I do long sleeve onesie w/ a sleep sack or just the footy pj's.






  • DS has always worn just footie pjs to bed. No swaddle, no wearable blanket, just footie pjs. If his pjs are foot-less, then he gets socks too.

    In the summer, we keep the A/C around 72*F and in the winter we keep the heat around 70*F.

  • DD wore a footed onesie and then was swaddled through the first 5 or so months of her life.  It was good enough.  We used the miracle blanket most of the time.

  • For the 1st 2-3 months I would dress her in a gown and then a swaddleme or swaddle blanket.  It made middle of the night diaper changes SO much easier.  I hated footed pjs with snaps when she was really little.  We kept her room between 68 and 71 degrees.

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  • My son was born 12/1. We did a cotton sleeper and a Swaddle Me.

    It really will just depend on the temperature of the room they're sleeping in and the individual baby. My son hated fleece PJs!


  • We have always used a footed sleeper. We swaddled for 8 weeks in January and still used the sleeper.
  • Our house is 71-72 degrees and either just pajamas with socks or feet. Or a onesie with a swaddle and socks. I keep the baby dressed similarly to us, maybe slightly warmer.
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    DD was born in March and we kept our heat on 70 at night - which made her room anywhere from 67-70. She was always in a l/s onesie, footed sleeper and either a receiving blanket (the early days) or SwaddleMe.

    Once it got warm, we keep the house at 75 at night and she's in a s/s onesie, footed sleeper, and Halo sleepsack (she's not swaddled anymore).

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