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Weekly Menu

sorry, this is a day late! I forgot yesterday, and still am not entirely sure what we'll be eating this week!

M: we had marinated sirloin steak (that I never made over the weekend), broccoli w/ homemade cheese sauce and salads

T: bbq chicken sandwiches on whole wheat rolls w/ pasta salad

W: my parents are taking Evan overnight, so I'll probably make a nice pasta dish w/ shrimp and some wine!

Th: ? Mexican maybe?

F: pizza on the grill

Sat: dinner at my parents for my bro's birthday... I think we're having ribs... I'm in charge of the cake- chocolate peanut butter!

Sun: ?

Re: Weekly Menu

  • I need to tighten the time and budget when it comes to dinners...just for a while. I want to get a new camera and we waste so much money on food. And I'm sick of cooking dinner for DH and I after the kids go to bed...so I need something quicker.

    So last night we had tuna melts - with ripe tomatoes and pepperjack on rye bread. Pickle and chips on the side, haha!

    T: baked ziti

    W: Chicken with stuffing casserole and mashed potatoes, green beans

    Th: hotdogs and corn

    F: pizza on naan bread

    S: probably takeout

    S: maybe chili or meatloaf

  • M- stuffed green pepper casserole

    T- souvlakis

    W- roasted tomato/garlic/shrimp/feta over rice

    Th- beef stroganoff

    F- veggie pizza

    S- Wedding :) I'll probably make burgers or something for the kids... 

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  • M - pasta w/ home made sauce

    T - tilapia with couscous, corn and peas

    W - Chicken enchiladas and rice

    H - pulled pork and ?

    F - leftovers (dh) and breakfast for dinner (DD and I)

    S - Picnic @ the inlaws.

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  • Monday: Breakfast!  Pancakes, sausage and scrambled eggs w/ feta

    Tuesday: Buffalo chicken sandwiches, green beans

    Wednesday: Just DD & I, probably pasta and veggies

    Thursday: DD & I might go to my parents...DH is helping his Dad haul a couple loads of wood to our house and the ILs.

    Friday: Naan pizzas (I swear we haven't had these 3 weeks in a row...I never made them the last 2 weeks!) and salad

    Saturday: Date night out with DH =)

    Sunday: Marinated chicken & veggie kabobs, potato salad

    DD1: 3/31/10 DD2: 9/7/11
  • M: Tacos

    T: Hamburgers, french fries, salad

    W:  home made mac and cheese

    T: Spaghetti

    F:  FAIR!!  so lots of wonderful crap!

  • Due to some switches, I am working every day until next thurs - yuck!  But we do have some left overs from dd's party.

    M- We were out car shopping.  We all had wendys

    T- left over mac n cheese and pulled pork

    W- I am meeting dh at the dealer after work.  So I am probably grabbing McDs on the way.

    H- More left overs if any left

    F- Work till 9, they are on their own

    S- Work till 7, so she should have already eaten.  I will probably just make myself a sandwich

    S- Hoping my parents watch dd so DH and I can go out to eat for his bday after I get out of work.

    M- work till 9

    T- I'll have to make something.  Maybe tacos bc we haven't had them in a long time and that is fast at 6pm

    W- work till 9


  • M - hamburgers, pasta salad, baked beans

    T - chicken w/apple and raisins, orzo

    W - spaghetti, garlic bread

    T - hot dog, mac-n-cheese

    F - grilled chicken, fries

    S - cranberry-turkey meatloaf ring, crash potatoes

    (I'm embarrassed to admit that the cranberry turkey meatloaf ring is cooked in the microwave.  Tastes yummy, looks gross and my mom makes fun of me.) 

    Bianca image.
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