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Benjamin Moore Natura paint?

This is benjamin moore's no-VOC paint.  Has anyone used this? Does the color stay consistent, good quality/coverage, etc.? 
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Re: Benjamin Moore Natura paint?

  • I read something somewhere about them having a problem with their no VOC paint and bad batches (that they did not pull from the shelves) which caused people's homes to smell like urine and BM had to send crews to their homes to rip out and redo all the sheet rock. I don't know if it's the Natura one, but definitely Google it.
  • My father always swears by Benjamin Moore paint. Being eight months pregnant and having to paint I opted for the Natura. It covered perfectly without having to apply a base coat. No problems with consitency at all.
  • DH painted the room from a bright green to a pink with two coats of Natura (no primer) and it worked great. I was even able to keep him company b/c its no VOC :)
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  • We used it in LO's room and have had no problems with it.  It went on very nice.  Compared to the Behr's low-VOC paint the Natura had no smell.

  • I've used the Natura paint twice during this pregnancy and have loved it. It goes on well and it doesn't smell at all. People were in my house the evening that I painted and had no idea.
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  • I used it in LO's room and even on his furniture - it turned out great.  Very nice, consistent coverage.

  • I haven't used Natura because Olympic non-VOC costs so much less, is really nice, and they color match.
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  • Loved the Natura paint....we used the primer and paint as paint I have ever used.  Worth every penny!
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  • I used it to paint our nursery. I found that the color needed to be mixed more than regular paint. The darker pigment keep separating and sitting on the top of the thicker stuff.

    Other than that, it went on with nice even coverage and didn't smell. 

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  • we used it in the nursery. Its self priming so we didn't use any primer and went over dark choc brown walls with what was supposed to be a light khaki/tan color and we ended up with a light blue/grey color. DH put on 3 coats so there was no trace of brown, 2 would of worked but 3 looks much nicer. Luckily we are having boys and the color is light enough that it still totally works with what we're doing with the room. I think had we had white walls or lighter walls the color would have been more true, I'd use it again just to save ourselves the smells of reg paint. maybe just do a test spot if you are worried about the color, since they only sell a gallon at $45 we didnt bother with a test spot just figured we'd better like it LOL 

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