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Whats San Antonio like?

HI ladies! I currently live in Dayton Ohio and am wanting to move to Texas next year and I was looking at San Antonio but I was wondering if it was a nice place to live? Thank for your time ladies!
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Re: Whats San Antonio like?

  • Right now its hot, hot and HOT!  Our winters aren't much to brag about, they start late and end early.  So if you like the water and being outdoors San Antonio is great!  We have rivers and lakes near by and quite a few theme parks/ water parks. 

    Like most places depending on the area you choose to live in will depend on if it's "nice".  Not to mention what your definition of "nice" is.  The Northeast side of town is always a good choice because it's close to everything.  You are never more than 30 mins away from anywhere depending on traffic.  Parts of the north side are really starting to grow, as well as, areas right outside the city limits.  

    Do you want to be close to the medical center, downtown, shopping, out of the city limits???? 
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  • Well, I've never been to Ohio but I'd imagine SA is pretty different! 

    I think it's generally a nice place to live, very much a family oriented city.  Compared to Dayton, I believe the cost of living is fairly similar.  Our real estate is pretty cheap but it looks like Dayton has similar prices.  The biggest difference is probably the weather.  Like PP said, it's VERY hot here in the summers (which pretty much start during what everyone else considers spring) and the winters are very mild, rarely reaching freezing and snow makes an appearance once every several years.

    San Antonio is a large metropolitan city but still feels somewhat like a small town.  Traffic is normal, not great and not terrible.  There is currently very strong job growth here compared to many cities and stronger even than the larger Dallas/Houston markets (I'm a recruiter so we study these things :)).  That said, there are a lot of lower level jobs here and less "white collar" jobs however, there are some larger companies moving their headquarters here in the next few years and that's expected to continue our job growth within healthcare, accounting/finance and technology.

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  • I lived in Columbus, Oh for a short period of time and all I can say is it is very very different from Texas. Texas can get very hot compared to Ohio. You really don't get four seasons here in San Antonio. After living in Ohio you may feel like you only get two. The one thing I love about San Antonio is as wide spread as we are, we are still so close! People here love to talk and sociallize. I never got that in Ohio so for the few months I was there I was very lonely. Traffic is also very different. I never ended up in what I would call heavy traffic there but here you watch the time and sometimes you learn different routes just to get around some of the problems. lol. There is always something going on in SA for kids and families. The best part is you have the lakes and rivers to go to and plenty of little town to explore if you are into that. Some of the small towns around SA have awesome market days or fairs. I like to say once Halloween hits the parties don't stop until after the 4th of July. There are Libraries littering the city with all sorts of things to do for children and adults. I love doing story times with my kids there. Also Parks gallore! If you couldn't tell I was raised here and Love It!! I have lived in a few different places when I was in the Navy but my heart will always be in Texas. Hope this helps!
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