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Bassinet in my room? What to store under it? HELP

Im a little confused on what to keep handy in the storage area they give you under the bassinet. Its a PBK wicker bassinet. For now I have 4 extra bassinet sheets there. Im unsure of where I want to change L/O during the night when Im sleep deprived ! We have a split level home and his his nursery is 5 steps away from my bedroom so Im not certain I want to be carrying L/O in the middle of the night down any steps when Im really tired...I do also have the JJ cole Diaper caddy. Has any1 changed l/o in their room? Of course i dont want to wake DH up if L/O decides to go all over our bed so tell me how things worked for you Thanks!
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Re: Bassinet in my room? What to store under it? HELP

  • Id keep diaper change necessities handy under there.  I dont see why you would take LO out of the room that he/she is sleeping in to change their diaper unless it is a seriously messy one.  Maybe also keep burp cloths, extra pjs for LO, and an extra blanket.  Anything to make your life easier in the middle of the night. 
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  • diapers, wipes, pj's, burp cloth, extra blanket/swaddle, socks, mittens
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  • We had a PNP with a bassinet and a changer so that's where I changed his diapers.  I usually changed his clothes on our bed though since I had more space there.  You will definitely want to change LO in your room because you'll probably be changing diapers with every feeding, which for me was every 2-3 hours for months.  So you'll want a changing pad, diapers, wipes, and cloth diapers.  They make great rags for cleaning up diaper blowouts.

    Other things to keep in your room: extras of whatever your LO sleeps in at night PJs, socks, sleep sacks, swaddle blankets, etc.  Burp cloths are nice to have on hand too.

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  • We put diapers, wipes, blankets, bibs, burp clothes and extra onesies under ours. I have no intention of taking her out of the room to change her while she is using the bassinet. Our bed is going to be our changing table in the middle of the!
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  • I would keep your diaper accessories right underneath  he bassinet. Then you don't have to go anywhere to go grab that stuff in the middle of the night..especially in the beginning when you are still healing.

    Additionally, I would keep few burp cloths and bibs under the bassinett. 

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