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the IVF went well!! awesome!! congrats! hope it's a sticky one!!


Re: *smacb*

  • Thanks!  Me too!

    m/c July 2007
    Patrick born August 2008
    TTC #2 since March 2009
    m/c April 2009
    Ectopic September 2009
    m/c December 2009
    m/c January 2010
    m/c March 2010
    m/c May 2010
    m/c August 2010
    diagnosed with thyroid disease, clotting disorder
    BFP 3rd iui April 2011
    m/c April 2011
    Started ivf June 2011, ER 8/19, 9 eggs retrieved, 3 fertilized, 2 embryos transfered 8/22
    BFP 8/28
  • Oh, yay! Fingers crossed for you!
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    TTC #2: BFP 12/17/11, m/c 1/7/12 and D&C 1/12/12

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  • Hooray!!! I'm so glad it went well! Sending you lots of sticky dust!
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  • And maybe twins! Congrats!
  • Yay!  Good luck and fingers crossed!
  • Fingers crossed, sticky dust and prayers for you!!! 
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