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Those with an approx. 2 year age gap bw kids

What do you need/not need for No. 2?

Clearly it wasn't that long ago that we did this, so I feel like we should be able to use most of our baby equipment again. But after reading posts like the double stroller one, I am thinking maybe there are still some big purchases ahead. Is another crib necessary?

(If it helps, there will be a 26 month age gap. We were Team Green with No. 1 and plan to be with No. 2, so on the clothes front I am going to have to wait.)

Thanks so much!

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Re: Those with an approx. 2 year age gap bw kids

  • congrats!

    if the car seat is less than 5 yrs old, that's fine; we got a double stroller (a Graco hand-me down, which was great b/c we could put the baby seat in it too). We moved DD to a queen-size bed so we did not buy another crib. I got some new nipples for bottles, new tubing for my pump and additional BM storage bags, stuff like that. Honestly, a 2nd baby is very cheap, it's when that baby goes to DC or gets older, that (s)he gets expensive!


  • Congrats!

    A second baby monitor if the kids are in two different rooms.

    Some clothes - I mean yeah, you can use some of the hand-me-down clothes, but some of it is so worn out and stained... you want a few new things for #2.  Same with spit up cloths, washcloths, towels, changing pad covers, etc.  Take stock.

    We did not buy a second crib, the kids are 24 months apart and 21 months apart.  So the older kids moved to beds before the next baby came.

    New nipples for bottles.

    Double stroller is really nice.

    Another travel bed - we swear by the Peapods.





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  • we bought a double stroller (graco) and a new bedroom set.  we bought the bedroom set because it was cheaper than getting ds1 a new bedroom set.  each one now has a bed that grows with them.  ds1 is now in the full size bed his crib converted to.  i also bought/ was given new blankets.  ds1 is a big blankie kid and i didn't want him and ds2 to have the same type blankets.  so ds1 has the gerber waffles and ds2 has flannel receiving blankets.  worked out perfectly.  other than that i reused everything!
  • Dear slukd,

    Like most of the posters, we didn't get much. We added to our cloth diaper stash (our oldest isn't nighttime trained yet). My girl friends chipped in on a phil&ted stroller for me (LOVELOVELOVE). When my oldest was 20 months, we moved several states away. We took that opportunity to transition her into the crib. By the time the baby had been born (and outgrew the cradle), it had been months since she had seen it (and in a different house), so we didn't have to deal with the "HEY THAT'S MY CRIB!" issue.

    We were team green with both, too. I actually don't believe I have bought any new clothes for #2. Embarrassed We have been given some, but .... 

    Two for tea, 


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  • We bought a new bedroom set for DD#1. I also bought DD#1 another crib from Ikea for $80 which I do not regret one bit because she is still in it and still sleeping well. Other than that, we got a double stroller (City Mini) and a video monitor.

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  • Same as everyone is saying, and we were in the second crib camp, since I heard that it is easier to know your older child is in their crib, rather than roaming the house, if you are busy with the baby.  We bought both bedrooms sets to last through adulthood, with the converter sets, so it was an investment for the long run.  I did wear baby #2 a lot more than baby #1, so I got a moby carrier so I could use it right away (we had a snuggli like Bjorn and that wouldn't work well for a newborn).  We were team green for both, so we had neutral clothes already.  We did buy a double stroller (graco), but we have only used it a handful of times, since we are most often going out as a family of 4, so we can do 2 strollers, or carry baby, etc. 
  • Thanks! That gives me some ideas. Maybe start researching double strollers and a possible second crib. I have a Moby wrap, although I never really gave it a fair chance with DD. It sounds like I should also consider another monitor to keep an eye on everyone!
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  • As other posters mentioned, all the "consumables" like nipples, pacifiers, etc. got re-purchased (though I didn't buy nearly as much as I did the first time around...I now knew how few I actually needed).

    As a PP said, things that get trashed, like bibs and wash cloths and burp cloths, also got replaced.

    I didn't buy a double stroller.  Instead I got a snap-n-go because DD was really good about walking next to me and holding onto to the handle, and I didn't want to lug around the Cortina I'd used with her for DS.  I survived DS's baby- and toddlerhood without a double stroller pretty easily because of DD's temperament, but I bought a sit-n-stand off Craigslist in anticipation of #3 because I know DS won't be as obedient about sticking by my side as DD was.  So...while a double would've been nice to have on occasion, it also had enough downsides (fitting through doors, being heavy and taking up a lot of trunk space, etc.) that I didn't invest.  All the models I would've wanted were too pricey to justify (though if I'd known then that we would for sure have #3, I might've gone ahead).

    I bought a Lillebaby carrier (sort of like an Ergo) and a Moby Wrap.  I used each a fair amount - more than I had with DD, but I just can't get into babywearing (though I may be forced to with #3).

    I actually bought more for DD in anticipation of DS's arrival than I did for him, I think.  I finally got my act together and bought her a real booster seat, upgraded her sippies and utensils, moved her to a full-size bed, bought more toys/books/art supplies so that she could keep herself occupied during those hectic first weeks with a newborn, etc.

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  • Oh yeah, totally forgot, new BR furniture for #1 - that was a pretty $$ item!
    Wife, Musician, Fed, WW-er, and Mom of three little kids - not necessarily in that order.
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