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Can I join you ladies? New here :(

Hi everyone. My name is Julie and I am in the early stages of going through a divorce with STBXH of 7 years (together for 14). We have a wonderful daughter who is 19 months old. He has never been abusive, is a responsible parent, not on drugs and doesn't drink so those are the positives. He's says we've grown apart and have different goals. I don't have any reason to think he's been cheating but who knows. He does go out of town often and says he's going for "business". I don't know what to believe anymore. This is all so hard. I'm sorry I'm here but it looks like you ladies are a great source of support. I have a great support system and we will have joint custody of A which I think is the best situation for her. Just wanted to introduce myself.

Re: Can I join you ladies? New here :(

  • Welcome.  Whether or not he is cheating isn't really the issue if you already know and accept that it's over.  This is a great support system!
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  • Thanks! Not happy to be here but thankful that this group exists :)
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  • Sorry you are here, but glad to meet you. I am also a newly single mom (since may) of a 19 month old girl. Are you into the temper tantrums yet!? :S
  • andrew's bride: Glad to meet you! We are experiencing many many tantrums. LOL! I guess you just have to laugh sometimes. :)
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