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Anyone else get hit by the hurricane today? It's pretty crazy. We had two trees go down, minimal damage but looking at no power or phone for several days. Dd was very brave-I'm so proud. What I can't understand is that xh has not even checked on dd. He is away on vacation but knew the storm was coming. I guess it annoys me because other times he pretends to be all interested yet at important times- no where to be found. I think this also irritates me because it's one month after dd and I had to make an emergency landing on a flight due to engine failure and his response was "be safe" and didn't check on her again. So, I shouldn't be surprised but I just can't fathom how someone doesn't care about their child in an emergency situation! On the plus- at least he's gone for a week! Hope everyone is safe. Went for a ride and it's sad and scary- our beaches are ruined- some of them gone!
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Re: Hurricane

  • That was the scariest storm I've ever been in.  I also texted STBXH (who is in another state) that we were under a tornado warning and he never responded.
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  • My son's father never asked if he was safe either. We live about 30 minutes apart so he knew of the hurricane and tornado warning. The power is out at my apartment so we are at my sister's but he doesn't know that. It's really annoying because he complains to his lawyer that I withhold info but how about he asks once in a while. I guess somethings never change. I'm glad everyone is safe.
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