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Virginia Baptist Hospital?

Hey everyone,

My husband and I are so excited to finally start planning our family. We are in the process of TTC, but we are doing our best to make sure all the preparations are underway before our little one makes his appearance. I was wondering if anyone here has given birth at Virginia Baptist Hospital? I have heard both negative and positive stories about giving birth there. What's your opinion? 

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Re: Virginia Baptist Hospital?

  • Hey, good to see someone from my area! I'm 18 weeks with my first so I haven't been there yet. My husband and his mom was born there and from what I hear both were good experiences. My hubby was a high risk birth (his heart kept stopping during contractions and wasn't able to have an emergency C-section for some reason) but they got him here safely obviously. :) I've heard negative things about a certain OB that's sometimes on call, but I hear she's retiring. I haven't heard much else otherwise though. What stories have you heard out of curiosity? And good luck with TTC! :) 
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  • I work for Centra and have also heard positive and negative stories... When you go for a vist find out more about the nurses and ask tons of questions. Don't forget to speak up if you don't think they are listening. It is a beautiful unit and many women have had great experiences there!
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  • Any of you Lynchburg ladies have thoughts on Forest Womens vs Women's Health?  I just found out that I am pregnant and need to make my first appointment - but I am having trouble deciding and dont know anyone who has had babies in this area....  so, any suggestions????


  • I just had my baby there in November. They were wonderful espically the nurses. The only problem I had is that I am allergic to tape and when they tried to do one of my many epidurals (They just wouldn't take for me) one of them "forgot" and I got severe burns all up and down my back. Also do your research with your doctor and ask about pain medicine, if you want it..I had staydol and I don't remember alot of my labor or birth because it put me to sleep and I couldn't focus or stay awake, I only woke up for the hard contractions. I developed an infection during labor but don't remember it and they took care of me and the baby. Also make sure you write up your birth plan up and go over it with your doctors and nurses. I had pitocin even though I didn't want it (I was not aware of this because I was on the staydol) and I had told the nurse this and gave her my birth plan that stated I didn't except for the placenta. Make sure your SO knows your birth plan and what you want just in case this happens to you and your not able to say anything. Mine was so overwhelmed he didn't know what to say.  They will take care of you and your baby and really are the best hospital in this area.
  • Thanks for the info!  We are excited.  12 weeks now!  So far we are really happy with our midwives!


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