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Anyone turned their ex in to the IRS?

Or turned in their boss?

STBXH has been paid under the table for nearly 2 years.  I would love to turn him and his boss in to the IRS for tax fraud/evasion (not sure how you would classify that).  Can anyone explain how this works? I know its anonymous but I'm pretty sure they would figure out it was me that turned them in so I am going to wait until everything re: custody/cs is over and done with before pursuing this.

Re: Anyone turned their ex in to the IRS?

  • I want to say that Sweetie has posted a link to where this can be done...

    My STBXH committed tax fraud by using our home address on his 2010 tax returns. He hasn't lived in that house in a year and would have to repay his half of the first-time homebuyer's tax credit since it's not his primary residence. (We filed separately the year we bought our house and received our half of the tax credit separately as well) Would I love to see him get in trouble with the IRS? Of course. But I'm not going to go out of my way to report him. Karma will find him eventually. She already has in several other ways.

    ETA: He also had income from a small business he owned in 2010, but that income wasn't reported on his personal tax return. That's the tax return used to calculate his current CS order. Again -- I'd love to see him get in trouble for it, but it's not worth my time or energy to report him. It's all about picking your battles.



  • I'm lurking on here...If you do end up following thru with it, keep in mind you get money if they find out what you're saying is true!

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