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I am 32 weeks with twins and have been put on bed rest. I'm starting to get frustrated and restless. Is anyone else on bed rest? I feel like the rest of the world is still going about life and has forgotten all about me. Any suggestions? Is this normal? I'm either crying or irritated all the time :(

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  • I usually post on the multiples board but I just popped over here and saw your post.  Sorry to hear about the bedrest.  I too am having twins and have been on bedrest since 24 weeks, I spent weeks 31-34 in the hospital and now only have 1 week (or hopefully less) to go.  The one thing that kept me going through all of it was setting a goal to strive for, which for me it was making it to 37 weeks and to not have my babies go to the NICU. 

    In the long run your babies are doing so much better growing inside of you and you just need to remember that you are doing your best for your little ones.

    If it possible can friends or family visit, or bring you lunch?  I'll admit I have watched alot of TV, movies, read books, worked on baby albums, anything to keep my mind occupied and it hasn't been easy but the end goal is worth it all if my babies are born healthy and strong.

    Good luck to you and hang in there momma, you will make it and in a few short weeks this will all be behind you.

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  • Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I'm getting better about reaching out for help. I'm gonna try setting a goal and seeing how that helps. Congratulations on your babies and I pray that all goes well!

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  • Bedrest is so, so worth it. Rent movies. Read magazines. Get an account on sidelines.

    My kids were born at 30 weeks, and even 4 years later we're struggling with prematurity-related health issues. Do EVERYTHING you can to prevent your kids from coming early. Short term discomfort is so worth a lifetime of health problems.

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