Application is in the Mail!

First I want to thank everyone for their suggestions and support while we were trying to find an agency that would work with us.

To back up, we're interested in adopting through the state system.  However, apparently hardly any agencies work with our county though.  A couple weeks ago, we finally found one that said they would work with us.  We went to the agency's orientation meeting last week and decided we would sign with them (we had already been to several other agency meetings through out the year).  The agency didn't sound too hopeful about adopting through our specific state since they changed the rules on how they place and we're "too far", but they do work with out-of-state adoptions too which is probably what we'll do.  The agency will continue to try to match us with a child from our state also.

So yesterday we finally finished our application and sent it in!  It will probably be a couple weeks before we're even matched up with our social worker, but at least the first step is done.

We're so excited to actually be starting.  We also stopped at the hardware store and bought outlet covers, cabinet locks, and little hooks to wrap the blind cord around.

I finally don't feel like a fraud on these boards now, so will probably start posting more too.

Re: Application is in the Mail!

  • Congratulations!!! 

    And stick around.  Everyone is in different phases. It's so much fun to see things come together.  Let us share in your adventure!! :)

    image Best friends and sisters... 24 months and 16 months
  • That's exciting! I know what you mean about feeling like a fraud. We are attending our first information seminar tonight. I am so excited I could pee myself. I am always looking at baby stuff, I know it's way too early but I just can't help myself.  Keep us posted on your journey!

    April Wink

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  • Congrats!

    DH and I are adopting out of the Foster Care System.  We just met our children last week.  They are 2, 4, & 6 and are siblings!  We are very excited as well!

  • fantastic!


    I hope your wait is a short one!

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