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How was your LO's first day of School this year?

I will start by sharing.

DS started school on Monday. At his school all the parents were taking pictures and video taping their kids' first day in the front of the school lawn. I brought my camera, too, pictures didn't come out too good.

DS made every effort to throw himself on the floor in front of the school a few times with no tantrums.

I have one picture with the assistant teacher holding DS with both her arms and DS being horizontal in her arms. He did not cry, but he was excited to see the toys and run around the classroom. We met the teacher last week for DS to be familiar with the room and for us to sign paperwork.

When I picked up DS from daycare, I asked him if he had a good day at school and he said "no." Did you make friends? "no." Did you like your teachers? "no." (DS is in a "no" phase).

DH and I will never know what happened that first day of school. Only the teacher and the assistant knows and will remember what really happened. All I know is that DS was happy.


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Re: How was your LO's first day of School this year?

  • School wont start 'til Monday.
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  • Our first day is today.  We will see...
    DD~6 years old~born June 6, 2008 (1st grade)
    DS~4 years old~born November 6, 2010 (1st year of preschool)
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  • DD started on Tuesday.  I think I was more nervous about it than she was.  We went to "Meet the Teacher" on Monday which really helped a ton because she was able to get familiar with the classroom.

    On Tuesday, her dad and I walked her in the building.  The teacher then sat her at a table so that she could play the game of her choice, and then we left.  DH picked her up that evening from extended care, so we were not able to talk to her teacher about her first day.  We asked her how it went and all she said was that her teacher's name is Mrs. Kendall and she like school.  Other than that, she didn't say anything else.  Oh, and she told me she took a nap with Dora (I let her take her Dora pillow for nap time).

    Today is her second day of preschool.  When I dropped her off this morning, I asked her teacher how everything went on Tuesday.  She said Kayla was very reserved and didn't really talk to anyone (she doesn't talk to  However, she participated in all the games and she sang all of the songs with the class.  She said Kayla had a moment, but it did not last long which was great.  She said compared to some of the other kids, Kayla did great.  We'll see how it goes today.

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