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New here, but not new to TTC

Hello I just discovered the bump. I used to be on a baby site, but the majority of posters were not TTC they were parents. MH is 30 w/ diabetes 1. I am 27 with either really long or really irregular cycles. We have been married 5 yrs and been have hoping for a PG for every month since....we have been through a mill of tests and nothing shows up irregular. I did discover the lite spotting I never notices is my AF (discovered this when I talked to DR after endometrial biopsy) now MH and I read a book called taking charge of your fertility and so now every day we check cervical fluid/height/firmness/openess, Basal temp., urine LH test and saliva tests...we are hoping that within the next cycle we will concieve. We have lots of friends and family that are supportive, though a few nay sayers....we are trying to maintain hope and humor about it all, but do occasionally let the stress and worry get us down...MH has been very helpful in keeping my spirits up. We also have 6 furry 4 legger brats...2 chihuahuas 2 toy poodles and 2 cats...all spoiled rotten....these little ones help but are still no replacement. It seems like we see kids everywhere and we spoil our friends children and our little niece...but it still hurts because none of them are ours....we are trying for a mortgage to get our 1st home with extra rooms so we can fix up a nursury...but at times I dread this for I feel each step past the door will remind us. Friends have been an endless source of supporrt from stories of trying for years to lists of meds herbs and techniques to help us I wanted to find some place I can go where other women and men are where we are at or have recently been really find a communty that can fully relate. I am glad I found the bump.

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