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Children bragging time!

Come in all parents/parents to be!  Share what your little one is doing (no matter their size).
-- Jackie
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Re: Children bragging time!

  • Mikey actually drank his bottle alone!  He was asleep when I prepared the bottles and before giving it to Alex, I left M's bottle in the corner of the crib to see if he'd wake up with the smell... by the time we heard him talk, we went over and half the bottle was missing!  I thought it spilled but sheets and pjs were dry!  He's too much, bc he won't even hold the bottle when we are carrying him... but now we know he can do it alone. 

    Both are crawling all over the place non-stop, and are getting bored quickly of their "cage."  I need to buy an extension ASAP.  Both have 4 teeth, except all different locations (M - 3 bottom, 1 top.  A - 2 top, 2 bottom).

    Alex loves to stand up, no matter where he's at... and is ubber strong!  He doesn't know how to sit yet, so stands from a laying down position.  At last appt he was weighing 26lbs, and doesn't have a roll in his body... he's solid.  LOL

    Mikey is weighing 24lbs, but is 1/2 an inch taller, making him off the charts for height... and that is not adjusting for being preemies!

    Yeah, I got my hands full, but wouldn't change it for the world.  : )

    -- Jackie
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  • Camryn is 2 now and just talking up a storm! Everyday, she says something that blows my mind - a long phrase or something similar and she actually uses it in the right context! She's becoming such a little lady - she usually carries around her purse and jewelry, LOL.

     Brayden just turned 8 months and he's def. on his way to becoming a toddler, which makes me sad :( He's pulling up to stand, stands for a second or two on his own, waves bye bye, claps his hands, and went from army crawling to crawling on his knees. Someone needs to tell this boy to slow down! He's soooo sweet, def. a mama's boy, but just so affectionate!

     Looking forward to hearing from everyone!!! How are the boys, Jackie?

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  • Erika - that' is awesome!  Love hearing that Camy is a dainty girl.  Yes, time is flying way too fast.

    The boys are doing great... they have a little cold, but are great.  They both say Mama, Papa, El Tete (pacifier), and for a while Mikey said Nene (baby) and Baba (bye bye) while waving.  Now they both wave bye, but a bit delayed, usually after the person left.  LOL

    -- Jackie
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  • Hi,

    Annabelle is now 11weeks and has grown a lot.  She loves to coo, smile & tries to giggle although the sound doesn't always come out.  She is sleeping better and is giving us around 4 - 5 hour stretches.  She weighed 9lbs & 6oz & measured 22.5in at her 2 month appt.  She is also very into her car seat toys & mobile.  

    We are having a lot of fun watching her grow & l'm def not looking forward to returning to work.   

    Looking forward to hearing all about your little ones! 

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  • Ooooh, the boys sound so cute, Jackie!!!! Double trouble, double the fun. They are big boys! Honestly...Sophia is just hitting 30lbs. Haha. Izzy is around 21lbs.  

    Erika, I love the age of 2! They change and grow so much.

    I have to say that From birth to 2.5 is my favorite stage. 2.5 to 4....not liking all that much. Still, Sophia is a trip but she tests me a whole lot. She wants to be the boss and, as she told my mother this weekend, "Nana , when I don't want to do something, I don't do it." Yep. That, in a nut shell, is what I am dealing with. A intelligent, feisty, yet sweet little girl who wants to be the boss of everyone. I cannot believe that she will be 4 in a little over a month. The time has just flown! She started pre-school this week and needs a composition book and is learning to write her name and if you ask her she will spell out her own name which blows my mind. She uses phrases like, "actually" and "also" in the correct context. I have a love hate relationship with my Sophia. I love her to pieces but hate a lot of her behavior. We are working on it, tho.

    Isabelle is at the perfect age. She started walking at 10.5 months and at almost a year is walking fast and everywhere. She falls now and crawls a few paces before she gets annoyed because now she can walk faster than she crawls and ploop...she pushes herself up to standing and takes off. She loves being chased and chasing us. She gives hugs and kisses but is not a cuddler. Now that she can move...thats all she wants to do. Be on the floor and on her way to some place new. She babbles a lot. She says Mama and Dada but that is it. She has 6 teeth still...4 on top, 2 on bottom and I think the two outer on the bottom are working their way in. She had tubes put in her ears last month and has been ear infection free ever since.

    Life is good. :) Its crazy!!! But I would not have it any other way.

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  • Always nice to hear about all the little ones!  This should be a monthly post, they all gain so many new little things in such little time!

    Leila is adding more and more words to her vocabulary, on Friday she said her first complete sentence and it cracked me up because it was 100% spanglish...  I was eating some string cheese and she runs up to me and says "Mami! I want un queso, I want uno pofa (porfavor-please)".

    She is turning two on Labor Day and while excited, a part of me is a bit sad because I realize the truth in when people say they grow up so quickly, I feel like I walked out of the hospital yesterday!  I explained to her on Saturday that in two weeks we will be getting on a plane to go see Nana and Grandpa in Buffalo and that when we are there it will be her birthday and that we got her Minnie Mouse plates and decorations, so now everyday she starts singing "Birthday Leila" over and over and then starts saying, Minnie, Daisy, Pluto, Goofey y Mickey ( I guess Donald is not invited!)...


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  • Great to hear about all the little ones!!! They do grow up so fast!

     Ethan turned 1 on August 6th...I no longer have a baby on hand! :-( But he is turning into such a little personality. He's walking all over the place! We are still BFing...we aren't ready to stop yet and also,  I don't want to make any changes since he's had the anemia. We have a follow up appointment with the hematologist at the end of the month to see how his hemoglobin is....i suspect it's gone up....he has these rosy cheeks he never had before! :-) He will be starting preschool next week for the first time ever! 

    Evan is such a little man! He turned 3 yesterday! He also started PK3 and has done great for the first couple of days....sending him to summer camp did wonders! Our hitting/throwing little boy is actually listening in far! :-) He still doesn't listen at home but we are seeing some improvement. He is so loveable and so friendly!  

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  • Matthew is 4.5 months & amazing me every day. He can roll both ways now (he was only going back to belly for a while); he likes to "talk", which is pretty much just shrieking; he loves sweet potatoes, peas, and pears; and he's got his first tooth poking through! 
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  • Love to read the updates on all the little ones!  I need to update my siggy (=

    Elijah started Kindergarten yesterday.  He is such a great kid and even though I am biased, he really is a great kid.  He is well mannered, respectful, silly, inquisitive, independant, loves to learn, draw and is learning how to read.  The book he can read cover to cover is of course Green Eggs and Ham.  He does - as all big brothers do  - harass his younger brother and sister at times but all and all - he makes them laugh every day and I am so proud of him. 

    I really thought Chelsea would wind up being somewhat of a tomboy but she is turning into a little princess.  She drives me mad and at the same time makes me so proud of how cute, loving, protective of her family, sensitive, and sweetness.  This girl is very sociable - a chatty butterfly and very motherly.  Others would call it - bossy (= The complete oppostie of Eli.  She does get in trouble the most!  She's potting training - and is actually regressing. 

    Benjamin is my little bruiser/tough guy.  I guess he has to be being the baby.  This kid is a character.  He talks sooooo much and is very expressive. The latest and greatest - he races in his lttle car with the other two - he gains momentum Fred Flinstone style and then he lifts his chubby little feet off the floor and just rides....hilarious!!  He goes pretty fast.  Lastly, he has taken to a "blankie". When he is ready for bed - he pulls it out of his crib, carries it on his shoulder, comes to one of us and says, "my bed".  SO EFFIN CUTE!

  • Hi everyone!  I've been MIA and probably will be during the opening of schools, but I miss my bumpies!

    Elise is doing great!  She is cruising all over the place.  She loves crawling over and under obstacles (mainly using us as obstacles, lol).  She is very strong-willed and feisty!  She has quite the temper when she doesn't get what she wants and she's only 10 months old.  But, she'll go from crying over something to smiling and laughing in a milisecond.  I guess she's the typical girl - very emotional!  

    She loves playing with manipulatives - stacking rings, nesting cups, putting objects in/out of containers, etc.  She's a pro at stacking the rings now. She did it today while looking at what the dogs were doing, lol.  She LOVES books which I hope will turn into a life-long love affair. 

    I miss her so much now that I'm back at work, but I think spending the day with my mom has helped ease her mamitis and the separation anxiety she was experiencing in the summer.  She now hugs my mom and her dad and doesn't throw her arms at me as soon as she sees me.  She's more content being in their arms now if I'm going in and out of the room. 

  • Chloe is 3.5 months! We started Gymboree and she really loves it. It tires her out..So on Fridays after Gymboree she will literally sleep all day. She is STTN, which is a plus. Most nights she sleeps in the pack and play, the other nights right next to MAMA! She definitely realized she has a voice, so when we rock her to sleep she sings to herself. She is rolling around and loves to sleep on her tummy! She just found her hands and the dog! Follows him with her eyes all day long! Chloe was also born with a nevus on her face so we are scheduled for her 3rd surgery (laser) on Sept 14. Hopefully 2 more after that! Again, we are soo blessed that I can be a stay at home mom and that soo far she is a healthy baby girl! But yes time is definitely going by really fast!!  
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  • Layla just turned 7! Still can't honestly believe I have a seven year old.  She is such a great kid though. She is growing up into this little girl that is extremely wise beyond her years and has such a nuturing soul. She started the second grade this week!

    Logan just turned 5! And he is my little spitfire of a boy! He is hyper and energetic and brings nothing but laughs to our family. He started K today and said last night "I think Im gonna be shy".. LOL But this morning he came into my room and said "mommy Im scared" But he did great and I can't wait to hear about his day.

    Elena will be 7 months on Saturday.  She is just such a joy.  I can't believe how well she just fits right in. The only bad thing is she has CONSTANT entertainment with the other two.  They are in her face and wanting to "make her laugh".. Im just afraid she is going to get used to someone always entertaining her that she wont entertain herself.  LOL  But she is wonderful and sweet and such a loving little thing.

    And thats us!

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  • so many posts!  i'm going to have to go back and read them later today :)


    Abby is growing by leaps and bounds... She learned to write the letter "A" and "B" and spends the entire day writing "ABB" and saying "it says abby!"  lol  She can spell her name, draw her shapes, almost knows her phone number and is a little adult already.  It's scary!  I'm desperate to get her into school, but it's so expensive.  We can't afford any of the day cares in the area, so I'm still on the hunt.

    Sarah is unbelievable.  She turns 1 1/2 on sept 5 and i think she's odler than she is.   She's wearing size 6 diapers because she's so tall (i have to overlap the tabs in the front)  If she wears anything smaller, poop spills out everywhere lol  She is such a cuddler (abby wasn't) and hugs and kisses all the time.  She actually told on Abby the other day!! abby pushed her and Sarah ran to my mom, pointing at A and yelling "abby, abby."  Ay yi yi, these two are fighting one minute and then playing the next.  

    I miss them like crazy when I'm at work, especially since I have to stay late (no planning) and I get home when they're having dinner most nights.  Sigh.  Hopefully I can amend that... i'm trying, though! 

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