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Waking up early excited for something

If we have something exciting planned for a certain day, my DD often wakes up VERY early! 

For example, the have #1 day at school about 1x a month (the child brings in the snack and does show & tell etc).  My DD was up well over an hour early!  Today we are going camping and the same thing happened.  She also did this when it was #100th day of school (she was so excited for that!).

I remember getting up early for Christmas as a kid.. haha like 5 am.. but it is funny how DD is like this for so many things.  Anyone else's DC?

Re: Waking up early excited for something

  • Mine will do this occasionally.

    We learned to not tell them things in advance so they'll sleep well.

    Then we tell them that morning and announce it like it's a big surprise.

    The other reason we do this is that we've had situations where we tell them in advance that we're going to do something and then one of them ends up sick and we can't go.

    In general it's not a big deal and they're old enough that they can be down an hour in the sleep department without turning into basket cases but when it comes to travel I really want to avoid grumpy kids as much as possible so we try not to let them know until that morning.

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  • yeah, I rarely tell her stuff in advance b/c then she immediately asks if X or Y is happening now/next, etc.
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  • Yup! Even for things that aren't that "exciting" to me, but are a big deal to her. She did it today, in fact. I sent her back to her room for a little quiet time. : )
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  • Not only is DD1 like this, but my stepdaughter who is 10 is also like this.  We can't tell anyone anything in this house or we would never sleep!
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