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Daycare in Jefferson or South St. Louis Counties?

Any ideas for good quality, affordable daycare in Jefferson or St. Louis Counties (Imperial, Arnold, South County, Fenton, etc.)? I'm researching infant care, and obviously will end up needing toddler care in a few years Smile.

Thanks in advance for the suggestions!

Re: Daycare in Jefferson or South St. Louis Counties?

  • I've heard EXCELLENT things about the Goddard School.  But also heard that it's not cheap by any means.  Other than that I'm not sure, except for Wee Care, but that's in Festus so a little south of where you are wanting to go.  I only know that Wee Care seems to be the most popular/best daycare down here and my mom works there, so I'm partial.  :)
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  • Bump! I am due in February and live in the Arnold area.  I too am looking for day care right now and havent had too much luck. 
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  • I am a SAHM, and had my daughter last week. I live in St. Louis Hills area and am looking at watching another infant at my home. 
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