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DD and food temp

DD is always saying her food is too hot.  Like pizza or rice, pretty much anything.  I make sure it is cooled down, but she still says it is hot!  Plus she will even say it burned her fingers (like the pizza).  It almost has to be cold before she will eat it.

Does anyone else's kids do this?  I noticed both my kids didn't seem to like warm foods when they were younger (like they made a face when I fed them).

Re: DD and food temp

  • My kids are fine - DD#2 likes things hotter than #1 but my DH eats most of his food cold or at room temp.  He is really sensitive to heat.  I eat my food really hot so we are very opposite.
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  • Both of mine are like that too.  It drives me a little batty because I like my food HOT, DH prefers his warm to lukewarm and then I have to get the kids food into the freezer for a bit before it heads to the table or I'm having to blow on every bite for them.  To make thing even worse is if they get even one too warm bite then even after it's almost cold they are still wanting me to blow on it for them.  I figure they will grow out of it when they have more confidence that it's not really going to harm them.
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  • DS is the same way. DS and DD can have the exact same food/same temp and DD will have eaten half of hers while DS is waiting on his to cool.

    He didn't like warm food as an infant/young toddler either. I gave him baby food/cereal at room temperature. My grandma had him one time and warmed his food and he refused to eat it. She called in a panic and ended up waiting until it cooled to feed him...then never warmed his food again.

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