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Postpartum Depression

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  • I was intellectually thrilled that my babies had arrived, but I was kinda emotionally numb.

    I would have died if anything bad happened to them, but I had a sense of feeling detatched from them.

    I kept telling myself "it's just hormones/baby blues".

    I was excited for any opportunity to get out of the house alone, to get away from crying babies for a few minutes.

    I felt like they didn't know the difference between me and any other family member who was loving/feeding/changing them - I had no feeling that they needed their mother, per se.  I felt they needed love and care, but I didn't really matter.

    I let this go on for about 2-3 months before telling my dh I thought I needed to take something.  He wanted me in therapy but it's nms (not that that was a bad idea).  I called the doctor, answered questions, got Prozac.  I took it for 2 months, felt a total 180 - AMAZING difference - and weaned off easily, still happy and loving motherhood.

    If you think you may have it, it's possible, talk to someone.  Popping a pill a day is a damn easy way to make everything better, and if it is PPD that should only be needed for a short time.


  • I was anxious over EVERYTHING...I couldn't function. I cried everyday, I didn't want to leave the house or do anything. I had thoughts of hurting my DD.

    This all progressed from after birth to 6 weeks PP. I waited far too long to get help, and I ended up in the hospital for 3 straight months.


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