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what does your non-napper do during quiet time?


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Re: what does your non-napper do during quiet time?

  • Quiet time? LOL! What's that?

    We don't have "quiet time". I tried it and it didn't work.

    None of my kids nap. They get to watch 1 show/movie in the afternoon (about an hour) as their "down time" so I can get a "little" break....... 

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  • I'm with Harriet, quiet time is a joke around here.  When he very first gave up naps (2.5) every day DH came home for lunch and they sat together and watched cartoons.  It was his only TV so he was thrilled to sit with daddy for a special treat and it relaxed his body more than I could do with books at that point.  Now that he's older sometimes we don't even try but when we do it can range from books in bed (me reading or him "reading" to me), Youtube Busytown videos on the computer in bed, or I'll make a big nest on the floor and we watch cartoons together.

    There is a snowballs chance in hell that my kid would willingly sit alone let alone do so quietly for an hour or so.  Now with my younger son I can put him in his crib and if he doesn't nap he will happily stay there for a good hour or so.  Personally my opinion is the older they start quiet time the more likely you'll have success with it.  At this point I'd go for anything that kept them in their room and reasonably quiet.

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  • I'll admit it - my older boys usually watch a movie or a show (Friday was a Nat Geo show on dinosaurs) while LO naps.  But LO is getting kinda sketchy on naps these days so they will all probably end up with TV down time soon.

    My twins are 5! My baby is 3!

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  • DS has a 45 minute CD that we play for nap/quiet time and bedtime. He has to stay in his bed until his music stops, he can read books or play quietly with a small toy but he has to stay in his bed. He usually falls asleep 2 days a week.

    He does not sit through an entire movie/show so TV for down time does not work. He will watch 5-10 minutes then he is up playing. He needs that quiet/down time to at least rest or he is a bear by 6pm. 

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  • My DS will be 5 in a couple months.  He has quiet time in his room each day for 45 min to 1 hr.  He is allowed to choose one small toy to take up to his room and he also has a bean bag, tons of books and his Tag reader. 
  • Play quietly with his trains, cars, or mega blocks.

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  • If my son doesn't want to nap he knows he at least needs to stay in his room for an hour and play quietly.  Normally that means looking at books and playing with his Mater toy.  I don't let him take his nice toys in and that helps.  He normally gets bored and takes a nap Wink

     BTW how are you doing? 

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  • My daughter stopped napping at home around 3 (about the time her brother switched to 1 nap a day, of course) but continued napping at daycare until recently. Trying to have her do quiet time in her room cause WWIII and wasn't worth it. (She will play quietly by herself, just not when I tell her that she needs to do it!)

    So we started doing movie time. Mostly Pixar movies and most are 90 minutes long. There are a few longer exceptions, but generally at the 90 minute mark she gets up and starts playing with toys while watching.

    Movie time = mommy's sanity

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  • Look at books, play with the toys in her room.  My 3 year old sometimes just lays there looking around/thinking. My kids are very used to quiet time since both of their schools have it for 1-2 hours a day so its really not much of an issue in my house.  I keep quiet toys in their rooms and they know they can play with them - I just don't want to hear or see them for the 1-2 hours unless they have to go potty or its an emergency.
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