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Considering Mirena

I have my yearly check up with the doctor next month and have been considering Mirena.  I'm currently on Loestrin but I haven't been good at taking pills since DD was born and now that she's in school and has extra curricular activities, I'm barely focused enough to keep up with her schedule let alone taking time to remember a pill.  For those who've used Mirena before or are currently using it, I'd appreciate any and all feedback you have to share.  Thanks ladies!
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Re: Considering Mirena

  • I had mine put in 3 months ago and I'm really happy with it so far. Still no period and no other side effects for me :)
  • I had one between DS and this pregnancy.  I really liked it.  Insertion was really uncomfortable for me, but my dr admitted he was having a difficult time getting mine placed, so I don't think I had the typical experience.  I had steady bleeding for a week after insertion that slowed to daily spotting for about 3 weeks.  I then had a month of random spotting. I have to admit that in the second month I questioned my decision to get it, as the bleeding/spotting was getting old.  After that things settled down, and I had no period and no spotting for a year. Towards the end I did get my period again, but it was only about 2 days and very light.  I had no other side effects, loved not thinking about BC, DH couldn't feel the strings, and overall had a good experience.  I only took it out to get pregnant again, and I will get another one after this baby.     

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  • I've had Mirena since DD was born (inserted at my 6 week pp visit).  I love it!  I had a lot of spotting after it was inserted (4 weeks of it!) but after that I went a few months with no periods, had 2 periods that summer and then nothing since then.  It's great because, other than occasionally checking to make sure the strings are still there, there is nothing to remember.
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  • I got mine in about 3 months ago and i love it more than i hate it.  I spotted on and off for the first couple of weeks, and I've had two periods so far that were pretty light but lasted two weeks each.  I feel like I'm about to start again soon so we'll see.  I'm really just hoping to get to the point where I'm not bleeding any more at all.  Other than that, it hasn't been uncomfortable, insertion wasn't bad, and DH hasn't been able to feel it.
  • Sounds like I'm in the minority, but I *hate* mine.  I had it inserted at my 12 week PP appointment and DD is almost 3 now and I'm getting it out next week (though we're not yet TTC).  I have ZERO sex drive, have had awful, painful acne, gained 10-15 lbs even though I had lost it all before having it inserted and exercise 5-6 days a week and eat well, feel bloated all the time, my moods have been so up and down.  It may not all be from the Mirena, but I'm going to get it out to make sure.  I  had trouble on hormonal BC before DD, so I can't rule it out as what's causing my problems.  I bled for about 2 months straight after getting it inserted, but then didn't get a period until DD was 15 months (but I was still nursing).  Now I get a period every 3 weeks - it's light, but obnoxious that it's so frequent.  The only thing I like about it is that I don't have to think about it :)  If we have another child, I'm going to try Paragard, the non-hormonal IUD.  I've heard of some people having bad cramps and heavier periods with it, but I'm willing to try that over the way I've been feeling.  Good luck and I hope you like it!  I really wanted to!
  • I also hated mine.  I had mine inserted 7 weeks PP with my son, and had CONSTANT infections the whole time.  They never let up.  Also, the string (more like wire) kept poking my husband.  I asked to have it shorted, and they said it would just make the problem worse.

    Within a week of having it removed, the infections (BV and yeast alternating) we completely gone and didn't return.

    This isn't a typical experience, but it CAN happen.  Good luck to you. 


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  • Also hate mine.  Actually have an appointment this afternoon to hopefully get it taken out.  Since having it put in, my main complaint is the mood swings.  I feel completely bipolar.  It's been like a complete downward spiral since about a month after having it inserted.  The littlest things feel like they are going to push me past my breaking point. I cry over the stupidest, littlest things.  And what's worse is I feel like my almost 3 year old bears the brunt of it.  I don't like how I act around him. I just want to be myself again.

    Everyone's experience is different.  But mine has not been pleasant.  I have had other side effects that others have mentioned but that has been by far the worst.  :-(

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