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Postpartum Depression

Bipolar a sign of PPD??

Talk to me about PPD.
I either have the shittiest husband alive or I have something going on. I feel like he is attacking me, not moving fast enough, not helping enough, not caring for the baby properly, doesn't love me, doesn't care about the house....etc. But if I sit back in a moment of calm I know most of it's not true (well he as slow as all get out and he puts his feet on the wall(gross!), but I knew that when I married him, right....right???)
I feel bipolar sometimes. I snap and get into a blind fit of rage!!! I do wish DH would see that some of  the things he does hurts me. Which I could probably get over. But when he doesn't acknowledge the fact that he's hurt me or upset me(even if he doesn't think I should feel that way- which is most of the time these days) that is when I lose it!! I go nuts, How can he not care???
I know I did this before I had the baby, but it seems to happen daily and I can't stop. I feel out of body.  Is this PPD?
I have NEVER been one even think about taking medication for depression. I've always believed that you have those feelings for a reason and you need to work through them. But this is taking over my life and my marriage.

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Re: Bipolar a sign of PPD??

  • Could most definitely be PPD and you should seek treatment right away, before it gets any worse. Also, PPD can be a pre-cursor to bi-polar and the can muddle into eachother. I know because I've been labeled bi-polar because I didn't respond to many treatments for PPD.

     Please be open to taking medication, as sometimes there is a chemical imbalance that you can't just "talk" yourself out of. The longer you leave the symptoms the worse it can get- I spent 6 months total in hospital because my PPD was so severe. 

    Please feel free to email me at [email protected] if you want to chat further.


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  • Your experience sounds very similar to mine.  Even if it's not PPD, if it is bad enough that it is taking over your life and your marriage, it is SOMETHING.  Go to a doctor, see what they say.  Make sure you keep your husband informed about what is going on with you.  He needs to understand that how you're feeling and the way that you act isn't "you."  Not that PPD is an excuse for your actions, but, I found that on my "angry" days, I'm a lot less angry if DH doesn't instigate.  I can tell him that "today is an angry day" and he tends to let things go that irritate him.   

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