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Malachi needs a middle name

I am expecting my 4th child, a boy, the end of September.  We have decided on Malachi but cant decide on a middle name.  We have been leaning towards Malachi Gabriel but still looking for other ideas.  My other 3 kids are Michael Allen, Addison Rayne and Caiden Elijah. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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  • Malachi Simon
    Malachi Aaron
    Malachi Benjamin

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  • I think one syllable mn's would sould best with Malachi







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  • I am bad at suggesting middle names, but I wanted to say that I *love* Malachi and I hope I can talk DH into it if we can't find another name we both love.  If we name our LO Malachi, his middle name will probably be my maiden name.
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  • I agree with PP that one syllable would be best with Malachi.  I like Malachi James.
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  • James




    <3 the name Malachi! =D 

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  • I would steer away from biblical middle names as Malachi is aggressively biblical as is.

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  • I agree a one syllable name would be best.

    Really like Malachi James alot. :)

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  • I have a Malachi and his MN is RObert David.  After my grandpa and dh grandpa.  Just a warning Malachi gets mispronounced a lot!!!Angry
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