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Split Placenta?

So the anatomy scan looked great!! The little guy is awesome! However, the Dr. did find that I have a split placenta. She said they have to watch the cord over the remainder of the pregnancy and that I might need a c-section. Any one have experience with something like this?

Re: Split Placenta?

  • I have had patients with what we call an accessory lobe (and extra blob of placenta off to the side or separate from the main placenta).  THey just need to watch to see that the cord is functioning well and not split between the two parts, and it can be more difficult to deliver your placenta if it is not all firmly attached to the cord...making you more likely for needing a D&C.  They must be able to visualize something about it to think that a c section is safer for you and your baby.  Good Luck!
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  • I had it with my first but didn't know until delivery.  I had zero issues with my pregnancy and delivery but delivering the placenta was a slight problem.  Since they didn't know, when they went to pull it it split in two.  The remaining portion had to be taken out seperately.  I almost had to to go in for d&c but luckily they got it out.  So all in all I had no real problems from it.   

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  • Hey Kris_Kelsey, Thanks for your post! I guss different DRs see everything differntly. The Dr. at the Sono office seemed very calm, basically said what you did, it just needs to be watched over the course of the pregnancy and there may be some issues during delivery. My OBGYN from my regular office scared the crap outta me yesterday (I'm still sick to my stomch over it!) He said that in this type of situation the chord can rupture at any time, basically killing the baby, he told me to see a high risk specialist. He then proceeded to tell me (which I think is a horrible thing to say to a nervous first time mother) "Just wanted to let you know that legally you could still terminate the pregnancy at this point if you wanted to." I'm like, "WHAT??!!" why the hell would you tell me that?! The baby is perfectly healthy! He then said, "well, I wouldnt reccomend it, just wanted to give you all the options. How can two Drs have such extreme opinions on the same issue??
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