Are there any LO's going..... — The Bump

Are there any LO's going.....

to preschool that are 2 1/2 years old starting this school year?

Am I the only one with DS going?

I am just excited for DS! We get to meet his teacher tomorrow!


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Re: Are there any LO's going.....

  • My friend started her daughter at 2.5 years old in preschool. She was more then ready and is doing great!   My DS2 was not ready, nor is just yet (he's 3).  He'll go next year, cause he has to be PT'd.

    DS1 started at 4 (technically 3, but turned 4 two days after school started). 

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  • Close enough! My DD will be 3 end of October and starts in 2 weeks, we had new parent orientation last night. Am SO SO excited for her. And a little nervous. We are just getting confident with the potty training, so I hope she does ok when she's not around us. But she is going to love it.
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  • DD started at 2 years, 4 months last fall and absolutely loved it. We started her out 2 days/week 9-12 and she wanted to stay and eat lunch with the other kids that we tested out leaving her until 3 about a month in and she loved that schedule. So, by October, she was going 9-3.

    I have never regretted started DD so early. I still had 3 days at home with her (5 if you count the weekend) and plenty of time to do fun things with her on my own. She made some really great friends and I became closer to some of their parents, too.  

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  • DD started last year at 2.5 going 2 mornings a week. It was so great for her & she really enjoyed it. I actually got a job as an assistant at her preschool this year, and DD2 will be going also. I'm excited about it :)

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  • Harmon did!  This will be his 2nd year.  We found he did just great.  For this reason we will start the twins early too.
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  • DS started last Wednesday.  He goes 5 days/wk 815-1130.  So far it has been great, he's never been to DC or anything like that (just with DH and my cousin).  He hasn't cried or not wanted to go once.  Really glad I decided to go ahead with it.
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  • My son starts after Labor Day! He'll be 2 years and 4 months. I'm excited and nervous. I'm really hoping he'll love it since it'll be the first time he'll be "leaving home". :)
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  • Will your children be doing three or two years of preschool??  DS is starting at 2 years 9 months and I am very excited.  We had expected for him to do three years and then start kindergarten late, but we will take it as it comes!
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