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AW bye-bye 1st tri (and bye-bye suits)

I swear this time has flown by. Sorta. You know the early weeks are cruel since there's a significant amount of unknown. Of course I don't take for granted that now isn't entirely safe, but the odds are better. My work suits are on their last outing this week. They are getting awkward and uncomfortable and the belly band is too. I guess we will have one giant trip to the dry cleaners before storing them for who knows how long. I hope the rest of the nausea packs up too.
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Re: AW bye-bye 1st tri (and bye-bye suits)

  • Hooray for 2nd tri!

    I hope the nausea leaves you soon.

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  • Yay 2nd tri!
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  • yay!
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  • YAYYYYY for 2nd tri!  :)
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  • Yeah! I'll be following you shortly! I'm right there with you in hoping the nausea leaves soon as well!
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  • Woot, woot!  So long 1st and welcome to the 2nd trimester.  Hopefully your nausea eases soon!
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  • yeah! And yes=that has completely flown by.
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  • Yay for 2nd Tri!

    Definitely hope the nausea goes far far away!

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