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Book Recommendation

My mom has always been a fan of T. Berry Brazelton's "Touchpoints - Birth to Three," and I've got to hand it to her - this book has been tremendously helpful to me since the birth of my son. There have been several times over the last few months when I've been able to use information in this book to help me understand some of V's behaviors.

Just wanted to put it out there in case it might be helpful for someone else :-)

DX: DOR and MFI 


IVF w/ICSI brought us our 1st precious miracle

V born via induction 4.29.11

TTC #2: IVF (MDLF) August/September 2012

ER 9/7: 6R, 5M, 4F ET 9/12: 5dt of 2 blasts 

+HPT 9/17! Beta #1 (9/25) = 1,000 Beta #2 (9/27) = 1,860 U/S #1 (10/11)...TWINS!

1/8/13 - It's a..boy and a girl!!   


S&B born via induction 5.8.13






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