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Vampires (explaining to kids)

So this is sort of random.. but my DD has mentioned vampires sometimes.  I don't even know where she heard of them, I'm assuming on TV somewhere, or maybe it was around halloween (costumes/decorations/etc).  She's asked what they are and I don't remember the answer, but she calls certain characters "bad guys" or "villains", so vampires have fallen in that general category..

But when would it be appropriate to explain what exactly a vampire is?  I mean if she sees someone in a vampire costume it could be likely to see it with fangs/blood..

Re: Vampires (explaining to kids)

  • For my extra sensitive child, I'd say something like, "They're people in scary costumes with pretend blood."
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  • I'm not sure when it is ok to say "vampires drink blood".. any thoughts?  I don't think my daughter would be upset, but she has a super active imagination, I'm thinking she could use it in some random conversation :P
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  • At 4, I'd say they just don't need that kind of detail. My DD probably would say that's nonsense anyway. But again, I have a scaredy cat kid who is afraid of the dark and that kind of information about vampires just wouldn't enrich her life in anyway except to make her afraid. But to each, their own!
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  • They're a kind of bat.
  • I definitely wouldn't go in to the drinking blood thing.  I would just say they have big teeth and wear costumes but that they aren't real - just pretend.

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  • I would say they are just pretend bad guys.

    Any more details would be bad for my DD... the 3 little pigs story had her waking up screaming about wolves in her closet.  Blood sucking? I don't think I'll be mentioning that.

    - Jena
  • I'd tell her that they are a really awesome guy named Edward :) Haha, just kidding, sorry die hard twi fan here :)

     I'd probably skip the drinking blood part too.  Does she watch sesame street? Talk to her about the count and how he's a vampire.  Tell her that sometimes vampires can be scary looking, but nice or scary looking, they are all pretend.

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