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Postpartum Depression

No board for spouse coping with depression....

I just want advice from anyone who has experienced this. I am 25 wks pregnant with my first child. My husband is dealing with bad depression right now. Today was a bad day. Its been going on for almost my whole pregnancy. He basically hates himself and has destructive thoughts. I found a good psychiatrist, and our apt is finally this wednesday. Weve been waiting to get in for over about 2 months. My HB has been on antideppressants for 1 month(which took ALOT of talking to get him to do), but he still feels the same. I feel hopeless, I've tried all I can think of and nothing has helped ! Its really hard constantly telling him that 'no, your not a bad person....a failure....'and so on. He went through this last summer, and it just went away. I guess it was easier to deal with last summer b/c I wasnt pregnant and we dont have any other children. I'm at the point where I dont think I'll be able to handle this sitution once my LO arrives....Im getting very scared. I hope someone has some encouraging advice. thanks

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Re: No board for spouse coping with depression....

  • I'm not much help.. because I am the spouse that had and still has issues with depression. My DH finally said "Hey, you need to go see your doctor because you are NOT yourself" It took me about 2 months after starting my meds, but I did get back to my normal self again. I did read this link below and I am hoping maybe it'll give you a little more info on how to cope until you get into that appointment with the therapist. Also, antideppressants can take up to 6 weeks to "kick in" ... your DH may need to try a different medication if he isn't feeling any different at all. It took me changing meds 4 different times until I found the "right" one for me. Know that you are not alone and just you helping him get the help he needs will make a world of difference. I am wishing you the best of luck and praying he turns around before your LO arrives!! Good luck.

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