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Welcome to Week 36!

Welcome to Week 36 of your pregnancy! Chat with other Week 36 Bumpies here.

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  • Hey This Elleshia I am Deaf  i am preng 36 week now  my belly too big and  move move too muh and hard to sleep  werid wow  i cnt find out boy or girl  wait till baby due  I hope girl LOl

  • Hi Elleshia, Congrats on Week 36. I am at 36weeks too.  I can only get comfy on my left side to sleep and my Snoogle pillow from Burlington Coat Factory is the best thing ever to help me get comfy. I hope you have a girl too since that is what you want. I am having a girl.Girls rock. Shantelle

  • I am 36 wks and so ready to have this baby.  im hoping she comes soon. i have no symptoms of labor and im getting impatient.  ugggghhhh
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  • 36 weeks here, too, and counting the days.  It seems like time is standing still now. I have had some contractions over the last 2 weeks, a couple were pretty painful, like bad period cramping, but my doctor said that was normal. I'm also waking up wide awake in the middle of the night, and forget getting comfortable! Oh well, we are almost there! 
  • I turn 37 weeks tomorrow.  I'm counting down the minutes until this baby comes.  I actually am showing some signs of labor and am hoping he comes very soon!  Wondering if anyone else has had a sudden spike in hormones.  I have been very level the entire pregnancy.  Now suddenly since last night I feel like I'm losing my mind.  I'm not sure I've ever cried so much in my life.  And it's really odd for me because hormones have not been crazy at all for me this entire pregnancy.  Like I said, I've been very calm.  Anyone else experiencing this sudden, uncontrolable spike???
  • Yup! I have been a crazy person for a week now! :) I am just frustrated and ready to deliver, I think. With the end so close in site I am anxious for my "exhale moment." I do well in the midst of things but when everything is over & done I tend to break down and cry out of relief. I am close to the breakdown after having been so strong for so many months now. Steele magnolias...

    I am finishing up my 36th week and cannot wait to see my baby boy. I have an 11 year old daughter that I homeschool so stress is an understatement! I am ready for a couple of weeks o snuggle time with both my kids. Smile

  • Is this your first? My first was a girl. What an easy labor too! My water broke at 2:30am and she was out by 7am. I am 36 weeks now with a boy to be named Lincoln. He is very busy all of the time. Sleeping is almost impossible for me too. I can never seem to get into a comfertable possion. :) If you do have a girl what do you plan to name her?
  • OMG this is the most useless fuckings board idea in the existence of message boards. Why do you need week by week boards?
    i wish i could be joking but my dad is the music teacher at a church so he owuld be mad. we had sex, all the time how bad i know but we dont want to wait and he said GREAT OH KAY! and I was really feeling the wets? down there- too embarsed to say- but he acted like man.
  • SOMEbody's a little  cranky...well listen honey we're all in the same boat so use the boards for what they're intended to do...to vent and gripe and share about your pregnancy! Not vent and gripe about the boards. Silly girl.
  • Week 36 is definitely challenging. I'm not getting any sleep, pelvic discomfort and heartburn.  I stay positive by focusing on baby's health and looking forward to seeing his beautiful face. 

    We can overcome this ladies! :) 

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  • We finally have everything done in the nursery. I can't wait to have my little one in my arms. It feel a lot like the last few weeks have really dragged on. Is anyone else waking up in the middle of the night with random songs playing in their heads? It is kind of annoying, but it makes for interesting potty breaks. LOL
  • That is so funny you say that "bunnyslady" because I COULD NOT sleep last night (not like that is unusual) because Nicki Manaj was replaying in my head over and over and over...  oh and I could not get comfortable on my left or right side (only 2 options) and I have restless leg syndrome worse than anyone alive and I had to get up to pee 8 times. YAY 4 more weeks!
  • I have never wanted anything to end so  badly! I have had a very easy pregnancy and have nothing to complain about but I am ready to not be pregnant anymore :) Last night was the first time I had pain severe enough to think I was in labor but after trying everything to get rid of my back pain and no sleep.. no such luck of real labor. I am going insane with boredom and being uncomfortable-please come out soon!!!
  • I was! I was doing that a month ago. I would just have these random songs in my head in the middle of the night. Feeling the same way as all you ladies in week 36. Uncomfortable, done, anxious, and trying to be as patient as I can. I keep thinking maybe she'll come early, but everyone keeps telling me she'll be late. Who really knows.


  • I had had issues sleeping SINCE I first got pregnant....had restless leg a little before pregnancy and it eventually got so bad that I researched EVERY option I could. This is what has worked for me if you would like to try?...magnesium and calcium supplements (I checked with the doc...of course dont take too much, 500 mg before bed of each will do- I also take prenatals every day too around lunch. Also if you get leg cramps, like I did in the morn, up your potassium or eat some bananas) AND I know it sounds super silly but I got desperate... some ivory soap underneath your sheet by your feet. I don't know why? My Gmother and my mother in Law and three other women I have spoken to face to face over the last month have sworn by this?! Plus I found it online too. I was desperate so just started it two night ago and have not have any? Coincidence, I don't know but there are at least some suggestions for you. I also stretch before bed and as soon as you lay down don't dally going to sleep, try to go right asleep. Try all these things together and you should be good, GOOD LUCK!!!
  • Week 36 is definitely challenging. I'm not getting any sleep, pelvic discomfort and heartburn. We finally have everything done in the nursery. I can't wait to have my little one in my arms.

  • Oh, the horrible restless leg syndrome. It's like some sort of torture. Drives me crazy every night. I just do laps around the living room until it lessens. It looks ridiculous because my body is so tired and sore by the end of the day, I'm like a zombie. My boyfriend just looks at me and feels so bad because there's nothing he can do. Looking forward to that ending, and maybe getting some sleep without my hips throbbing. Good luck to you!
  • i am 36 vweeks also i have started counting how many weeks i have left instead of months im due to have a c section with my 3rd baby. i just cnt wait to find out what day i will have him on so i can make plans for my other 2kids
  • I'm glad to make it to 36 weeks today!
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  • 36 weeks and miss my bed. The sofa is the only place I can sleep at night( between dashing- I mean waddling- to rest room) DH thinks it is personal. Congrats to all. Hang in there, it will be done soon...right? Ugh
  • I have had a MAJOR rush or hormones this week! I have been calm and level-headed the entire pregnancy, fully capable of rationalizing everything and to take a step back before the tears come down. That is long gone. I feel like I have done nothing but cry recently! I don't get a phone call from someone, I cry, I mess up the coffee, I cry. I turn the T.V. to the wrong news station, you guessed it, I cry. I have also been getting angry/sad at the same time. Over really dumb things that shouldn't make me angry or sad. Oh pregnancy, how entertaining it makes women for the outside world.
  • I just turned 36 weeks today this is my first baby, and its a girl hehe. I had an easy pregnancy until the third trimester hit and now I'm just ready for her to be here I'm tired of heart burn and lack of sleep. I never ever had trouble sleeping and now it's like wtf haha the only time I can get comfortable is on my right side lol oh and I must have my dog with me. My friend was a few weeks ahead of me just had her baby an I'm super jealous I'm all like me next! Lol oh well guess she will comes when she comes haha :)
  • im 36 too and is my first, last nite i was in the hospital with contraccions and they send me back home with 2c they said im going to have the baby this week but this pain killing me good luck to all and me jajaja
  • Okay, for the past 4 weeks maybe I've had carpal tunnel pretty bad- hands and fingers constantly tingling and numb...but for the past 2 weeks I'd say it has been HORRIBLE!! I never knew carpal tunnel could hurt so bad.  My hands and feet have become super swollen so I'm sure that's the cause...It's the worst at night, I wake up and it literally feels like someone is hacking up my right fingers with a knife.  This is by far my biggest complaint of this whole pregnancy.  IS ANYONE ELSE WITH ME ON THIS?? I've told so many people about it but no one has been throught the same thing.
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  • i had a severe case during month 4-6. only thing that helped was wrist tensors, the ones with the thumb holes, i slept with them on, ate with them on....pretty much lived in them. it cleared up pretty fast, sleeping with them on was a must. good luck.
  • I am now in my 36th week of pregnancy! And I have to say it hasn't been bad..I'm very thankful for having the easiest 9 months!! Now I hope my labor is just as easy and I'll be forever greatful LOL! But I am waking up in the middle of the night with random songs stuck in my head and it's hard to go back to sleep ugh! Also feeling some pain in my hips now...and the waddle is in FULL effect lol only 4 more weeks to go!! Yay!!
  • I feel ya! I go to bed and I feel like i have restless leg syndrome..my skin is just crawling. I tried to take a nap today and my hips were bothering me. ugh!
  • wow, I have restless leg syndrome too! It is rough while pregnant. My legs start cramping/contracting right when I lay down. Tylenol helps when I'm not pregnant but nothing seems to help right now.

    I am scheduled to have my 3rd c-section in 4 weeks. I'm very nervous, because I have a lot of scarring from my previous 2. anyone else in the same boat? the doctor just said the surgery will take a little longer, I guess I've been reading too many websites about the dangers of multiple c-sections. I know one way or another this baby has to come out. lol..I'm just anxious I guess. :)

  • Well, I know some of these posts are old, but here I am, at 36 weeks. And darned if I wish the pregnancy would slow down. (You can hate me if you want. I understand.) So far it's been a very manageable 9 months. Aside from a few typical symptoms and sacrificing alcohol and effective headache meds, it's been alright. And I'm really going to miss baby moving around in there after this is all over with. People keep asking me if I'm nervous about labor and I keep telling them "no, because I'm a first time mom and have no clue what's in store for me." (No one really does anyway.) But I am trying my best to cherish these last few weeks before the whirlwind of motherhood gets here.
  • Good morning!  I am 36 weeks today with my first - a boy!  I seem to be all alone in wanting him to stay in as long as possible despite already measuring in the 90th percentile.  It would really be helpful to get the 3 more full paychecks before the dreaded maternity leave pay drought commences, and in order to do that I need him to hold on until June 28th at least!! The newest development for me is that this weekend I started to get my first chest cold in over a year. As if the baby wasn't putting enough pressure on my bladder, now every cough makes me cringe. Does anyone have any good, natural remedies for relieving cold symptoms?  I haven't had to take anything but Tylenol for headaches since discovering we were expecting and really don't want to start now.  Thanks, in advance!
  • I am at 36 weeks and just got put on bed rest for the remainder of the pregnancy. I feel like there is so much left to do but can't. So thankful I have a mom who can be here and help me. I don't how you do it without help. Guess we do what we have to. How do you deal with bed rest?
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    Welcome to Week 36 of your pregnancy! Chat with other Week 36 Bumpies here.
  • Right there with you!  My carpel tunnel is horrible! I'm 36 weeks and have had it so bad for the past few months! Feel like chopping off my hands! I sleep with wristguards on every night. Considering getting a cortisone shot. Can't wait for it to end!


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