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  • Really? The Birth Month and Trimester boards were not adequate?


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    Really? The Birth Month and Trimester boards were not adequate?


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  • Is it weird that my OB hasn't measured my stomach, NOT even once??? 
  • I haven't even SEEN my OB since the 3rd visit in the first trimester.  I've been seeing a midwife, who frankly doesn't care for any of my questions, and I've never been measured, nor have i been checked for dilation.  I'm simply asked if i have any concerns/questions, and my blood pressure is taken and weight is taken and they listen to the heartbeat, that is IT.  Nothing else!  I'm really mad cause i see now that i'm in the last weeks and it seems my healthcare "professionals" could care less. 

  • Sorry.  It's time to get a different one that will meet your needs and answer your questions.

  • The only non-normal part of that is really only not seeing your OB.

     Internals don't normally start until 36 weeks and the external fundal heights are more for growth issues.  Some OBs make it standard process, but others dont.

  • Im being seen once a week and getting a stress test twice a week but i do have gestational diabetes.  Im also taking Lamaze classes and Baby Basic classes.
  • Im 34wks and im treated n feel the same way!! And ive only had two ultrasounds....i still dnt kno the gender and they are saying that another US is NOT guaranteed!! :(

  • I'm on pregnancy #3, and my OB has measured fundal height (pubic bone to top of uterus) at every appointment...well, I don't remember exactly what week she starts, but as I recall it is through the entire 2nd & 3rd trimester.  It is how they keep track of progress.  I think it is strange that the OB hasn't.  Some measure with their hands, mine uses a tape measure.  I would ask her/him to do so.
  • Feeling ignored/neglected by your OB, PA or midwife is not ok.... specially now that you are closer to delivery! If you aren't getting reasonable questions answered  and your concerns are not being addressed, I'd look into finding a new OB if at all possible. Having said that, I've been told by my OB that a single ultrasound is standard and that some mother's won't get a second one past 20 wks unless absolutely necessary. I've also been told that the more "normal" or "standard" the pregnancy, the less monitoring they will tend to do. If you have your heart set on getting another US, you might have to look for a 3D US center near you. Unfortunately, at 34/35 weeks, even the 3D US techs can't guarantee being able to determine gender since baby is much bigger and crammed now. If you decide to go for it, make sure you give them a call and explain your situation to avoid a disappointment. Good luck!
  • Just to clarify, previous message was in response to jas62112's message. 
  • That's kind of weird.  I'm 34 weeks and I've been measured every time I go for the past few weeks.
  • I start week 34 Monday but my doc has not been measuring belly. Every appt he listens to heartbeat checks blood pressure, weight and urine and talks to me about the next appts. I am currently on 2 week appts but will start weekly after this one on Tuesday. Getting super excited! Can't wait for baby to make his/ her appearance! Good luck to all the other mama's! 
    Mrs Mundy
  • Get this baby outta me! Haha I cannot wait to hold my little girl and I very much look forward to sleeping on my stomach again. In response to the OB posts i had a terrible experience with an OB when I miscarried last year and I switched ASAP. I found that some are just more thorough than others and there's nothing wrong with speaking up!
  • I have been freaking out a little, because baby will will have a mosh pit in my belly one day and the next few days I barely feel nothing, I know if you are concerned you need to go in, but does anyone else have this happen? Am I crazy? I know to drink some water and lay on your side, but I might feel a little something and can't tell if it is just me or the baby. I am also overweight so I think that doesn't help the situation either. Just ready to have her in my arms where I can lean over and go Oh yeah, she's breathing because being in the belly and not moving enough that I would like is tearing me up!
  • HI I have had an interesting experience with this (my third) pregnancy. I am 21 and am not a big person I have gained ten pounds finally and my OB seems to be happy with that. Lately I have been having a lot of nerve pains in my back and left leg.  I am probably going to have back labor with this one. Anyway If your not satisfied with how your being handled during the pregnancy talk with you mid-wife or OB I am sure they will be understanding. Also let them see how serious you are about your care and what you want. That goes with everything in life.
  • I put so much energy into the registry. My child's father ignores it. He refuses to buy anything on it and he doesn't contact me to say "What about this or that?"

    He bought a bassinet with a 1/2 inch thick cushion over bars for the baby. I wanted to take it back and get a better one but he refuses to bring it by until he has assembled it and will not give me the receipt.

    Some cooperation would be nice. 

  • You should definitely ask them why they haven't. Mine measures mine everytime i go, has for at least a month.


  • My OB has measured fundal height the past 2 visits, I would ask if you are concerned!

    On another note, I agree with a previous post- I'm feeling impatient and ready for this baby to come!  I'm a first time mom- so the entire pregnancy is a new experience, but I am feeling guilty in saying- I'm kind of over it!?  I know we are creating a new life and I am truly thankful that I can do that, I'm thankful my pregnancy has been, thus far, normal and healthy - but I miss sleeping well, not feeling the need to pee every 2 hours and not having the extra pudge around my thighs, arms, face, etc.  Is that so terrible?  Is that normal!?  I'm looking forward to seeing what this little girl looks like and the feeling of being a parent, but also in regaining some control over my body ; )  Anyone else agree?

  • That's odd?? Mine does every visit. Did you ask why?
  • You can get a blood test called maternaT it will tell you the sex of your baby. You can ask your ob to send it to the lab. It takes about a week
  • Awe Hun...you have every right to feel the way you feel. I think I was about 24 weeks when my OB 1st started measuring me. Either ask him/her to or ask why they haven't. It's DEF an important way to track your baby's growth. Good luck!
  • I feel the same way. My little girl is a blessing no doubt and I wouldn't change her for the world but I am SO done with being pregnant. She is my first but hopefully not my last. I have gained weight everywhere it seems like. I can't wait to have my body back!
  • If your able a chiropractor can help a lot with the pain discomfort your having which is very likely from sciatic nerve having pressure on it. He or she can also help put baby in better position by helping your spine being I right position so you will likely not have back labor. Back labor is usually because of baby being posterior (baby spine being toward your spine). Unfortunately you will need more than one visit to get things where should be. Defiantly agree with changing of practitioner as well. If they are meeting you expectations now they won't when you most need them at birth either. 
  • I get exactly the same with my first. I was 21 and not a lot of support. My dtr was extremely active. I had to switch position every 20 min was so uncomfortable. Sleep of any kind other than napping for short times was non-existent. Cried at 40 week appt because nothing was happening. So badly wanted to hold her in arms too not just in belly. Everything turned out great though. She was born at 40 weeks and10 days. 9.13 vaginally and was in great health. I wish you luck and completely understand you feelings. 
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