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So I have been to the only bookstore in town, and have looked online, but am having trouble finding a good baby book.  The ones I have seen wither look to complicated or to cheesy.  Any suggestions? 

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  • Are you looking for pregnancy or baby? I slept with my what to expect when your expecting book! even with my second!! I have yet to pick up a baby or sleep book though.
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  • a baby book, like for tracking milestones, birth, footprints, things like that. 
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  • oh yah good luck! I got one as a shower gift. Im pretty sure it was bought at Fred Meyer's cause thats the only place in town I have seen them for sale. Google memory books I think thats what they are called.
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  • Mine is "Baby Imprints Memory Book" by Koala baby. It is ivory colored and with silver accents.  It is really classy looking, rather than pastel and childish.  It almost looks like it could be a wedding album, but a very simple, toned down one.  You are able to rearrange the pages if you wish and it covers almost all of the info I wanted it to.  The only thing it didn't have was a page for when which teeth came in.  I simply made a page for that.  I ordered it online...probably from Babies R Us.
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